There is something so absolutely magnificent about knowing exactly what it is you are putting on your face when it comes to skincare. With The Body Bee, there is surely no doubt.

There is no doubt that the world is changing all around us— it is changing right before our eyes… And with it, so are the the companies that manufacture beauty products. Today’s generation is all… View Post

Yes, we are obsessed with all things The Body Bee! But seriously, can you blame us? The Body Bee specializes in making fabulous skincare products using only all-natural ingredients.

Urban Decay is launching their NEW summer 2015 collection pretty soon and let me tell you— it’s bright! From vibrant pink hues, to ravishing sunset oranges. The brand has been giving us a few sneak peeks… View Post

With a hydrating gel cream like this, that message is not too far from the truth. I became instantly obsessed with this product from the moment I tried it on at Ulta. This little miracle-cream is… View Post