Today, I hunted down the Fedex truck like it was nobody’s business. Finally, my Simplified Planner arrived and I could not be more excited to finally hold it in my hands. It took a little bit… View Post

So, I’ve been doing a little digging for the sake of my journalistic heart and I’ve found some juice on some of these characters. Okay, let’s start with Ben. So, it turns out Ben’s ex… View Post

On Friday, January 29th, my good friend Valentina and I decided to take a little roadtrip over to Universal Studios Orlando for Harry Potter Celebration.

It’s Tuesday— which means I get to talk about last night’s episode of The Bachelor with you all! Yayy! Are you as excited as I am? Maybe.

It’s back!!! The Bachelor is back! This is probably my favorite from both Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. Watching these ridiculous women make a mockery of themselves on national television is probably the best thing about Monday nights.