It’s time to do a little Bachelor Bashing! Let’s go over this week’s episode of #TheBachelorette. Let me just begin by saying that some of these guys appear to be stuck in the sixth grade.… View Post

Our favorite girl is back on TV and we couldn’t be more excited! When last season’s final episode of The Bachelor aired, I was more than disappointed, but at the same token, I was hopeful.… View Post

So, I’ve been doing a little digging for the sake of my journalistic heart and I’ve found some juice on some of these characters. Okay, let’s start with Ben. So, it turns out Ben’s ex… View Post

It was in the above moment that I truly believed Ben to be the greatest Bachelor in Bachelor (show) history.

It’s Tuesday— which means I get to talk about last night’s episode of The Bachelor with you all! Yayy! Are you as excited as I am? Maybe.