Hi friends, good morning! On today’s Sip & Talk session, I want to list a few ways to help keep yourself organized in the midst of newborn chaos. So, grab your coffee or a glass… View Post

Dearest Mike, I’ve probably written and erased this first line a few dozen times… I just can’t find the right words at this very moment. It’s been several hours since I found out… There it… View Post

“It is my story, it may be your story, it is the story of some of my friends, and strangers I have yet to know. An undeniable and powerful common thread throughout history for women… View Post

Dear everyone around me, Your hot ginger tea with whatever other ingredients it may contain smells like death to me, even though you are sitting four feet away from me. Your Mediterranean food that’s getting… View Post

Dear hurricane Irma, Thank for dropping by. You’ve made a mess of the place I was born into (Cuba) and you could’ve destroyed my home state of Florida. But you didn’t. So I thank you.… View Post