I’ve been thinking a lot about my life lately and all the different phases and how simultaneously, I’ve become so many different things at once and it can feel overwhelming sometimes and as if you’re… View Post

I can’t believe Nathan turns 3 months in a couple of weeks! Time, you thief! It’s hard to believe I go back to work next Monday. I almost want to grasp every waking moment, every… View Post

Everyone talks about the lack of sleep and how time no longer belongs to you once you’ve had your baby. They talk about their birth experience and it usually involves phrases like, “it was awful”,… View Post

Hey friends! So, as you may already know– we are going to be parents next Spring!! (Screams in excitement)! And well, being first time parents, there’s just so much to research and learn about… From… View Post

On Saturday, November 24th, Joey & I hosted a beautiful and intimate gathering alongside our closest friends and family to celebrate our first-born! After nearly four months of keeping it a complete secret from our… View Post