Today, I hunted down the Fedex truck like it was nobody’s business. Finally, my Simplified Planner arrived and I could not be more excited to finally hold it in my hands. It took a little bit… View Post

There is something so absolutely magnificent about knowing exactly what it is you are putting on your face when it comes to skincare. With The Body Bee, there is surely no doubt.

  Tonight, the much-anticipated Grand Opening celebration of Tabelina finally arrived at its new Miami location. Tabelina specializes on an array of beautiful and unique pieces that will absolutely stun you, without compromising your budget. From… View Post

Whether you are old-fashioned, retro, edgy, or simply “trendy”, Oliver Peoples has got you covered! Be sure to check out these fabulous pieces from the brand, especially designed for the ‘coolest’ kid on the block—… View Post

I am all over the turban accessory trend that was so endearing during the 40’s and 70’s. This Arabian-Nights look is a beautiful twist that is sweeping the streets, the runways and a variety of editorials across the nation.… View Post