Nicholas’ Nursery

“Little boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older” — Peter Pan

As we anxiously and excitedly await the arrive of our second baby boy, Nicholas, I wanted to share with you a sneak peek of our boys’ nursery. I have been in full nesting mode in preparation for Nick’s arrival — and that includes keeping everything tidy and neatly folded in drawers (including Nathan’s things). Of all the spaces in our home, the boys’ room has always been my favorite place to be. You’ll never find a misplaced item in there because I’ve always been very particular about the way it looks. The room is like a little slice of heaven. There aren’t any toys lying around and it’s a space for cozy comfort and delicious sleep time.

We finally added our Smallwoods Home frames (after a year)… And by “we” I mean Joey because we all know drilling walls is not my forté. We left an empty space on each side of the first and last frame to add two more frames of Nicholas. I want to remake the center photo of the sandy toes and the last one touching the ocean for the first time. This way, we have these two really special moments of both our boys hanging on the wall. I actually kept that outfit Nathan is wearing so that Nicholas can use it and we’re able to take the same exact photo with him in our favorite little hideaway place to staycation — Hutchinson Shores Resort & Spa.


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