Newborn Sleep Routine

I can’t believe Nathan turns 3 months in a couple of weeks! Time, you thief! It’s hard to believe I go back to work next Monday. I almost want to grasp every waking moment, every fleeting second because I have only one week left to enjoy my son at all hours of the day. This post is now taking a turn for the worst and I am officially sad. Sigh.

Why do we only get 3 months with our newborns? That is just crazy! How have women not won this battle? How is it that we do no get AT LEAST 6 months with our babies? Three months is nothing… And don’t even get me started on the fact that you only get 6 weeks paid Maternity Leave if it was vaginal birth or 8 weeks if you had a c-section. That just blows my mind!

Okay, I’ll stop right there before I go on a rant about things I didn’t understand before and now I feel so passionate about, and among those things are spending time with my newborn. Let’s get to the good part, the happy part; the one I’ll still get to do every night when I get home from work— cuddles and bath time with my bebe.

While the doctor says it is not necessary to bathe your child every day, you do so at your discretion. For instance, if he/she has a blow out or pees all over or maybe you spent the day outdoors or the baby had visitors and people were carrying him/her — by all means, bathe the baby back-to-back. But if you were home all day and it was all good and nothing major really happened, you don’t really need to give them a bath every day when they’re that little, since it can strip their skip of the natural proteins and hydration. Doctor says three times a week is fine. I started him on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Now I do every other day for the most part. Once I get back to work, he will be a little bigger, so I’ll probably start incorporating bath time it into our daily evening routine.


unnamed-2When it comes to bath time, I make sure that Nate is as comfortable he can be— only because I know babies can go from 0-100 real quick! I always make sure to turn the AC up to about 75 degrees about 5-10 minutes before I start getting things ready. This way, the AC is off around the time we start bath time and he doesn’t get too cold during or after his bath. While pregnant, I did a lot of research on baby bath products and while I received baskets with other brand names, the only one I trusted most was MUSTELA.

Mustela is a well-known French company and all of their products are eco-friendly and formulated with avocado, which happens to be their hero ingredient! Among the many things I learned as a new mom, cradle cap was one of them— and Nathan had it, along with a little bit of baby acne. All things that literally no one told me about and I semi-panicked when I began noticing them. I did my due diligence and read up on it thoroughly and luckily, I found that once again, my favorite newborn baby product brand had something for it! I used the Mustela Micellar No-Rinse Water for Sensitive Skin to help with the baby acne and along with Wedela Baby Calendula Face Cream, it quickly went away and never came back! Now, I simply use the No-Rinse water to clean Nate’s booty when he has a dirty (poopy) diaper and I need a little more than just a wipey.


When it came to handling the cradle cap situation, well it was a no brainer! We used the Mustela brand foam shampoo formulated to treat cradle cap and it has helped so much! It’s pretty much 99% gone by now. Even though these are super common in newborns and it is by no means a big deal at all or anything harmful, I wanted him to have a flake-free scalp so I made it my mission to try and get rid of it as quick (and natural) as possible.

Lucky for us, Nathan has always been such a great baby! He really doesn’t cry or fuss unless it’s his feeding time or if he has a dirty diaper. As far as sleep depravation goes, we’ve long forgotten what that feels like. Ever since Nate turn two months, he’s been sleeping through the entire night. And I mean— THE ENTIRE night. His last feeding is usually anywhere between 10 PM – 11 PM and he will fall asleep until around 6/7 AM that he’ll begin waking up.

Our daily routine is quite simple— feedings every three hours beginning around 7 AM. Our feedings are a mix of breast milk during one feeding and then formula on the next. For formula, we use Similac Pro-Sensitive and we’ve been very happy with it since the very beginning. We’ve never had any issues with reflux or colic. We use the pre-mix liquid formula. It’s a little bit pricier than powder but the powder constipates him since it is made with corn starch and that can certainly cause constipation in babies. This I know from experience haha and believe me when I say, a constipated baby is NOT a happy baby. Right before his noon feeding, we do some light exercise as well as a few minutes of tummy time. We’re still not fans of tummy time but hopefully with daily practice, he will learn to love it. For now, I don’t do it past eight minutes because the tantrums are REAL! On bath days, I like to bathe him around 6 PM, right before his 7 PM feeding and he will go to sleep right away. A nice warm bath always does the trick!

The trick, really is consistency and not allowing them to sleep for super long periods of time as it gets later. Nate would have long 5 hour naps during his first month and he would wake up around 8/9 PM wide eyed and bushy tail and he would refuse to go to sleep. So, make it a habit to create a routine that works for you. If you’re on the fence about formula and you’re strictly breastfeeding but you also want more sleep at night, try giving the baby formula during their last night feeding. Formula is more filling than breastmilk, naturally, and well, it will give you some extra sleep time for sure. That’s of course if you are open to it and are desperately seeking to get some extra shut-eye. I know there are people out there who are so anti-formula, it’s ridiculous… But to each their own! A fed baby is a happy baby and that’s all that really matters — whether breastfed, formula fed or both.

Also, pacifiers are amazing soothers. I know some people are against it but truthfully, your kids risk having crooked teeth with or without a pacifier, guys. Sometimes, imperfect smiles and genetics go hand in hand. We are totally pro-paci in this house! Keeps us all sane and new parents need their sanity. It’s also great that Nate is not totally obsessed with it. He will refuse the paci sometimes or he will spit it out when he’s sleeping. It really is just a soother for him until he no longer needs it and he’s cool as a cucumber (and paci-free).

So, here’s to the third month and his third leap (begins today)! Looking forward to experience every new milestone with our boy!


fresh, clean and ready to AVO-CUDDLE! 


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