Happiness is Homemade

unnamed-1When we walked into our (now) home for the first time, I looked at my husband and said NO WAY! While he saw all the potential, all I saw were ugly bright-colored walls and a terrible layout. Still, he sold me on the house by having me visualize our Christmas tree in front of the long window beside the main door… A window which recently got a facelift and some gorgeous new blackout zebra blinds. It’s nice to look at that little corner now, three years later, and not have to see those paper shades from Home Depot we’ve had there all this time.

Slowly but surely, we’ve transformed this solid old house into our H O M E. It’s been a beautiful work in progress.

We really loved the ‘open space concept’ for our house and that’s exactly what we did when we purchased it. We wanted to make it comfortable for us; a warm, inviting & cozy vibe. I gathered much inspiration from Pottery Barn & Crate & Barrel catalogs during the holidays— since it was when we began buying furniture for our home back in 2016. So festive!

I remember sleeping on an air mattress in our bedroom and eating Pollo Tropical every day over a makeshift “table” (one big piece of drywall over two big trash cans) in the middle of my living room with two tailgate chairs to sit on. Our old kitchen was covered in plastic so the dust was kept away from all the appliances and our floors were were bare and tile-less. It was a beautiful time in our life. Here we were, at the age of 28– two young newlyweds and first time homeowners. It was magical.

Recently, we completed Phase 2 of remodeling and it was certainly no picnic! We finished remodeling at the end of my third trimester and it was so crazy because I spent pretty much my entire last month of pregnancy in the middle of construction. Although the end result was absolutely phenomenal, I still do not recommend you do any sort of remodeling/construction at the end of your pregnancy. It can get very uncomfortable!

In the end, everything has been worth it. Every bead of sweat, every struggle, every inconvenience, and every bit of discomfort. Nothing brings me more joy than being home with my little family. Home is everything for me… It is my sanctuary and the most wonderful place to relax and unwind (for me). Home is where my heart is. 





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