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unnamed-4Styling a newborn is probably a lot more fun than anyone could ever think. Though sometimes, you have to know when best to get creative because all newborns can get a little fussy during changing time. I find that the best time to have a little fun with their outfits is after a nice feeding session. At 2 months, Nathan is pretty calm during any change— there’s nothing a silly face/noise can’t cure!

I like to keep him in cozy onesies at home but since we rarely ever do step out, I do enjoy dressing him up (when we do). Of course, by “dressing up” I don’t mean they’ll be head-to-toe in Versace… I just like to put on shorts and little ensembles that normally I wouldn’t really put at home since he’s just chilling.

Shopping for kids can be fun (and sometimes a little challenging) for first time parents, especially since there is so much to choose from and everything is adorable! I had so many clothes given to me that he will probably never get to use— either because they’re already too small on him or I just simply never got around to it. People gifted us a lot of baby clothes throughout my entire pregnancy and to be honest, I donated the ones I knew he wouldn’t wear — not everything was cute, practical and/or soft.  #SorryNotSorry

I find that Carter’s brand zip up onesies and the kimono-style clothes are definitely my favorites for just hanging out at home. I didn’t like the regular onesies that you have to put on through their head at first because he would get really cranky. I find I like them more and more now since he’s gotten use to them and also because summertime in Miami can be scorching hot and I want him to feel comfy and cool— not sweaty under long footie onesies.

A few other clothing brands I love when styling our boy are:

  1. Caprilina — small business ran + operated by an incredible young entrepreneur momma right here in the magic city (Miami)!
  2. Spearmint
  3. Ralph Lauren
  4. Janie & Jack
  5. Little Me
  6. Barefoot Dreams
  7. Baby Gap

I’ve also found myself matching his pacifiers to his outfits. And if you’re a first time mom, I am confident that you do too! But in a world filled with so many options and brands, which one is the right one? After trying out several brands, I really only use MAM + BIBS at this point.

unnamed-17What I love most about the MAM pacifier is that it was developed by Dentists and Orthodontics. This really puts me at ease because I’ve always heard that the use of pacifiers can lead to many years with braces— let’s just put it that way. But to be perfectly honest, whether or not Nathan liked pacifiers, I think he is destined for braces anyway. Both Joey and I had them and I, for one, have no regrets. I love my smile! #TeamBracesForevaaa

So yeah, the fact that they were developed by dental professionals makes me love the brand even more. Also, they have these really awesome glow in the dark pacifiers which I use at night for when he sleeps. It’s so easy to find in the dark when it falls off, so it works out for all of us!

Here are a few other benefits I find that make this pacifier brand one of the best for babies!

  • Curved shield
  • Large air holes — this helps prevent all that saliva build up
  • Textured inside surface to prevent skin irritation
  • Pacifier is always in the correct position
  • Orthodontic Symmetrical Nipple


I wish I would have discovered the MAM Comfort pacifier when Nate was born. This paci was sent to me by the brand recently and I really love it so much more than the Avent one that was given to me at the hospital (which was so big and bulky). The MAM Comfort pacifier is 32% lighter than competitive silicone pacifiers and it’s extra small size is super light weight, which helps keep the paci in baby’s mouth!

I do also enjoying matching his pacifiers to his outfits when he’s out (as ridiculous as that may sound), so I do love the fact that these amazing pacifiers match his little cute clothes… ‘Cause who has time for ugly pacifiers, right?


What are some of your style faves? Leave a comment below or drop by my Instagram (@jadoreliv). I always enjoy hearing from my fellow mommas!

Until then!



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