The perfect morning coffee

These days I am running on (baby) coos and coffee. More on the coffee part… I’ve learned that waking up before the baby always allows me more time for myself and I’m able to find time to do some things I enjoy. Call it “quiet moments”, if you will… Of course, if you are a first time parent like me but are only 1-2 weeks into this beautiful new journey of parenthood, you are probably laughing and thinking ‘I would much rather sleep that extra hour’, and believe me when I tell you this: I ENCOURAGE YOU TO!

I was there— the point past exhaustion, the sleepless nights, the frustrated tears because I couldn’t figure out why my newborn was throwing a tantrum, the days where I couldn’t even sneak in a shower or dinner (for that matter). Been there with you and I know how challenging those days can be… But just as other mom’s told me, I will tell you— this too shall pass. You will figure out what works for you and you will be able to do it all without anyone else’s help.

HELP: That four letter word I struggled so much with at first. I’ve always been the kind of person who likes to take on things without needing anyone else’s assistance. Quite frankly, I do not like asking for help — unless it’s Joey’s, but let’s be real, our husband’s go back to work and we have one of two choices: Be completely stressed out not being able to do anything all day but tend to baby or ask for help from your mom or any other family member that can come over and allow you to take a break. Yes, mom, TAKE A BREAK. There is such a thing and you are allowed to do that. Do not feel guilty for taking a 30 minute shower or stepping out to get a mani/pedi. Get out of the house now and then. Stretch those legs and relax your mind for a while— whether you choose to go for a walk around the block or a walk at (dare I say) TARGET! You know you want to… 😉 It’s totally OKAY!

After two weeks of being home with the baby and not stepping outside for an instance, I called my mom to come over and look after the baby for a couple of hours so that I can go get a mani/pedi & eyebrow wax. After about 2.5 hours and 10 Facetime calls later, I was home. It felt great to step outside these four walls and go for a drive. It really does allow you to relax your mind and yes, you will miss your baby tremendously and you’ve never wanted a manicure to finish so quickly so that you can run back to him/her — but momma, let me tell you, it’s good for you. It’s healthy to step out.


After that day, I learned to ask for help and I also learned that I never needed my mother so much in the past 31 years as I did those first couple of weeks. My mom would come over and cook for us and help clean the house. She’d look after the baby while I went to do groceries, shower for a bit or just for a quick Starbucks run. Just by having her here with me was such a big load off my shoulders because I knew I can count on her if I needed to get something done. Sometimes we were just laying on the couch together watching Hallmark movies and I would doze off in a quick cat nap while she carried the baby. Oh and yes— prepare for the ultimate baby hogger: the grandma!

At 2 months postpartum, I am happy to report that I’ve got my groove figured out. My mom visits twice a week and she gets to enjoy herself more with the baby and me, since I pretty much have it all figured out and both baby and I are on a great schedule together. By the time she arrives, I am usually showered, I had my coffee and baby is napping. Joey has been so amazing too. I think your spouse’s support is key to a healthy postpartum recovery (mentally and physically). Whether it’s changing the baby, feeding him formula, putting him to sleep or even grabbing him in the mornings so I can have an extra hour of sleep— Joey does it all and I am just in awe with him. He’s once again proven to not only be an exceptional husband, but a tremendously wonderful father. We are so lucky to have him and more than anything, I am fortunate to raise a son who will look up to an incredible (gentle)man and be surrounded by two parents who love each other more than life.

One thing I really can say that I’ve managed to keep together since the moment we got back from the hospital is an organized house. The nesting never stops— or at least it hasn’t for me. I cannot see one single dirty dish in the sink or a disorganized drawer in his room. I make sure that the house is organized before we go to bed and get everything ready for the morning. I like to prep 3 bottles of formula and leave in the fridge ready for the next few feedings. This definitely helps facilitate the process— especially if I am carrying him. It’s not easy juggling an 11 pound baby while pouring milk into a bottle to warm up.

And speaking of things I like to do in the morning— coffee is most certainly up there. There’s nothing I enjoy more than having my cup of coffee every morning before the day gets crazy. Sometimes it takes me all morning to finally have a moment to myself and make coffee, but that’s alright too. Not every day is peachy perfect.

So, as promised, today I am sharing my little secret recipe to my delicious coffee which everyone who comes over raves about. Are you ready for it? Leche evaporada. Yep! Evaporated milk is my secret ingredient to the best coffee cup you’ll ever have!

Here’s how I prepare my coffee:

  • I use one capsule of the ‘Voltesso’ flavored Nespresso coffee — tastes like hazelnut and it’s my absolute favorite!
  • Froth up some Evaporated milk — only up to the first line (not too much)
  • Two teaspoons of sugar (yes, I like my coffee extra sweet) / this part is optional

Stir, Sip & Enjoy!




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