Newborn Must-haves | 8 weeks postpartum

Hi friends! Now that we are approaching Month #2 (I can’t even believe that), I wanted to go on here and talk a little bit about some of my favorite things that I have used for Nathan since we brought him home from the hospital and some new items we’ve acquired recently (now that he’s a bit older).

Honestly, when you are preparing for a new baby, especially being a first time mom, the amount of baby things you come across can certainly be overwhelming. Do you need it all? NO. Does a baby really need 10 sets of swaddle blankets and 50 newborn onesies? Negative. While creating my baby registry back when I was pregnant, I had one thing very clear in my mind— simplify! simplify! S-I-M-P-L-I-F-Y!

I knew from the get-go that I wouldn’t need a ton of stuff and I definitely did not want to hoard things away in storage until the baby is old enough to use them (ie: walkers, convertible car seats, play pens, teething toys, etc). I took a lot of time researching videos on YouTube on what other mom’s found useful (and what they did not), articles, blogs, etc. I asked many mom friends for their advice, opinions and recommendations and while I took it all in with a grain of salt (because every baby/experience is different), I did take much of it into consideration and I knew one thing— I did not want my home to look like Buy Buy Baby vomited all over my family room.

I think for the most part, I’ve used everything I asked for in my baby registry— with the exception of a few things that he is still too little to use like the high chair and Skip Hop Activity Center.

I’ve really enjoyed documenting these little phases of Nate’s life; milestones, as they say. I know my fellow mom community can relate to a lot of things and well, I do also like the fact that I can always go back to these ‘notes’ as a reference for baby #2. I, too, was pregnant for the very first time not too long ago and I know how much I needed blog posts like this in my life to refer to for a little bit of guidance. I’m happy to pay it forward now that I am 8 weeks postpartum and I’d like to believe I have it (somewhat) figured out… For most days, at least.

Below are some of the items I use on my day-to-day with him. Most of these were Registry Faves of mine and I hope they will soon become a staple in your home as well!


  1. Snuggle Me Organic – this sleep lounger has been one of the best registry gift purchases ever! Nathan has always napped so good in there during the day and it allows us a little time for ourselves!
  2. Hatch Baby Changer — this thing is a GAME CHANGER! I love that it is so easy to wipe and clean and it is not necessary to be washing it often (as is the case with other fabric-lined changers). A feature I find most useful in this changer is that it comes with its own App— where you can track weight, feedings, diaper changes, pumping sessions, sleep, etc. It is amazing and I use it every day. The app really has facilitated the way I go about feedings because it allows me to keep track of it all (breastfeeding + formula supplementation).


  1. Mittens— Oh, mittens! And here I thought I wouldn’t use them. How wrong I was… Although I was never a fan of them because I’ve always felt like it’s good for babies to discover their hands & fingers on their own (and mittens will kind of hide that), these little things have been a blessing! No matter how often I try to file the baby’s nails (and that’s an almost impossible task with a squirmy baby), he still manages to claw his face. So, that’s where the mittens come in handy! Another great tip I can give you is to buy those onesies that have the little hand covers on them. You have the option of covering them (or not). And that’s pretty awesome to me!
  2. Pacifiers— If you don’t want your boob to become both nutrient provider and baby soother, I highly (HIGHLY) recommend you give your baby a pacifier. There are many out there in the market, but I find that the brands MAM & BIBS have been my two absolute favorites (and Nate’s too)! MAM was developed by Orthodonists & Paediatric Dentists, so that gives me some peace of mind. I have a two month old who has recently mastered the art of holding the pacifier to his mouth with his tiny hands and it is THEEEE cutest thing ever.


  1. Barefoot Dreams (anything)— Honestly, this brand is just THE MOST! We have blankets, socks and little outfits which we use on the daily. The fabric is just so delicious and cozy. It’s a little on the ‘pricey’ side, but it is well worth the money. We received this newborn set as a gift from our cousin and it had the most delicious pieces inside. Below are a few of my daily go-to’s from the brand. I included the link with the pink socks for all my girl mamas— because you just GOTTA have them!
  2. Little Giraffe— And speaking of cozy things! I love this brand. I discovered it at Nordstrom and I’ve loved it ever since. Nathan has the cutest little “>Satin Chenille blanket that he loves to cuddle with from them and also a bath towel— which BTW! is included in this year’s #NSALE!
  3. Bath EssentialsAngel care bath tubMustela foam shampooNo-Rinse Soothing Cleansing Micellar WaterBath Gel
      • I got this Mustela gift set for my baby shower and it is a great alternative, instead of purchasing items separately


  1. Burts Bees wash cloths
  2. Little Giraffe bath towel
  3. Swaddle blankets — we cover the baby with these when he naps or make visitors drape it over their shoulders when they come see the baby and hold him
  4. Fisher Price Bouncer — Nate loves this thing! He sits on it and enjoys the soft vibrations as well as the colorful toy rattles and paddles hanging off the bouncer. He plays and laughs and I could tell it stimulates his mind. Great for development!
  5. Amazon Echo Dot — Though its not something a newborn uses/wear in particular, it is the one thing that is always on whenever Nate naps in his crib or I am nursing him or changing his diaper. I bought the dot for his bedroom and I have my original (first gen) Alexa in my TV room. Here are a few stations (in order of most played) that I play for him throughout the day and at night.
    • Enya — so relaxing! Nate always falls asleep listening to her music
    • Ocean Waves — this is what I play at night while we all sleep
    • Spa Music
    • Native American Music
    • Classical Music
    • Beethoven
    • The Nutcracker Suite
    • Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • Campfire Sounds
    • Summer Music

Another one of my absolute go-to’s, though not daily, is the Skip Hop changing pad. I take this thing with me on-the go whenever I leave the house and it has certainly come in handy more than once while we are on the road with baby Nate!

Below are a few fun photos I took of Nate this week in his element. Enjoy!





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