Our Gender Reveal!

On Saturday, November 24th, Joey & I hosted a beautiful and intimate gathering alongside our closest friends and family to celebrate our first-born! After nearly four months of keeping it a complete secret from our family, we finally broke the news to them on Thanksgiving day and let them know shortly thereafter that they were all invited to our Gender Reveal — two days later! Luckily, I had tricked them into thinking for a few weeks that we were having a “Post-Thanksgiving BBQ”, just to ensure they would be available. Of course, they later learned it surely was no bbq at all— but something a lot sweeter!

The big day finally arrived and one of our best friends, Gigi, was in charge of getting all the reveal props. Only she and my other best friend, Diana, knew the gender of our baby! There are no true words to possibly describe the amount of joy we have felt every step of this pregnancy— especially on that day. It was euphoric.

We hired our wedding photographer, Jillian Tree, to once again, capture one of the best moments of our lives. And that— she did! Here are just a few photos from our perfect day.

We are so grateful to everyone who joined us and celebrated our little boy. We are already so in love with him.



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