Stocking stuffers for our furry pals!

If you’re an animal lover like me then you can definitely relate when I tell you that I have a stocking with my dogs first letter initial hanging right beside mine and my husband’s.

This holiday season, treat your best friend to a glamorous chew toy that is both cute and instagram-worthy!!

Check out some of my favorite chew toys that might break the internet, without breaking the bank.

Can’t get enough? Neither can I. Here’s the link to these adorable chew toys. Let me know if you got any in the comments below! I’d love to hear what your favorite one is.

  1. Starbarks
  2. Hairmes
  3. Koko Chewnel
  4. Sniffany’s!!
  5. More CHEWNEL!

On another note, there are sooo many other great options through the BarkBox subscription. For the month of December, I received a PSL (yes, Pumpkin Spice Latte) Pup-a-ccino chew toy for Harley (through my Influenster box) that only lasted about 1 hour before I had to toss it… But boy did he enjoy it! I’m just glad I had the opportunity to photograph it while it was still pretty lol!

Our pups deserve a little spoiling from time to time too! Wouldn’t you agree?


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