Sip & Talk: Your lunch smells bad and so does the tea you're drinking…

Dear everyone around me,

Your hot ginger tea with whatever other ingredients it may contain smells like death to me, even though you are sitting four feet away from me. Your Mediterranean food that’s getting heated up on the microwave? Yeah, I smell that too and it’s making me nauseous.

Though I’ve been blessed with zero symptoms of morning sickness, my heightened sense of smell has given me all the nauseating feels I need. The other day my husband’s grandmother sent him a very heavily-scented fish dish complete with strong, Cuban seasoning and guess who was washing the tupperware the next day? Moi. I swear, I was 2 seconds short from gagging. I couldn’t take the strong smell of that tomato paste mixed with god knows what that was stuck on the little plastic container. My husband thinks I’m overacting, but he really just doesn’t know what it’s like to have a superhuman sense of smell.

I assume this is how my dog feels when he smells food. Except he enjoys the strong scents and I don’t. I’ve also become a little bit grossed out by simple things that might not have affected me in the past. I had scrambled eggs the other day and I felt a little crunch in my mouth, (obviously a little bit of the hard part got in the mix when they cracked the egg) and I wanted to immediately gag. That was the end of breakfast for me. I could not even look at the eggs without feeling utterly repulsed.

Coca Cola? Yeah, I no longer care for you. You actually taste kind of nasty to me. Thank baby Jesus for that because coke isn’t good for me or the baby. Bye cellulite! LOL! I’m surprisingly not into sweets but I crave meat more than even before. I’m a huge meat lover. I love a good steak, ribs, burger, whatever… If it’s made of red meat, I’ll take it. I especially crave Flanigans ribs. I want them ALL THE TIME. Of course, I don’t have them often, but it doesn’t mean I don’t think about them multiple times a day (more than I care to admit). As a matter of fact, on Wednesday, October 11th, I will ask my wonderful husband to take me to Flanigan’s to celebrate my 30th birthday… with a side of ribs & Joe’s Meal deal! Yum!!!!

In a nutshell, food aversions is a REAL THING and you’d be absolutely amazed at all the things that you tolerated (and even liked) before you were preggo that you can’t even stand the sight of now. So far, I’m disgusted by things of zero nutritious value that will probably make me gain unnecessary weight, so I’m alright with that lol!! I wish I enjoyed granola bars and fruits more, but I can’t say I do- I never really have, to be honest.

I want to eat ribs for breakfast, lunch and dinner (sigh). And I want to organize my baby registry thoroughly to ensure I have everything I need and remove any unnecessary items. (Yes, I have a baby registry and yes, I’m the same person who made a wedding registry at Crate & Barrel and Macy’s like a week after getting engaged). And YES, we didn’t buy a house till July 2016 (though we got engaged in April 2015), but it worked out great! My system works lol!!! I got everything on my list and I use it all! I had enough time to realize I did not need the fine china plates that would cost my guests $400+ or the expensive cutlery set with gold trimmings, or that $100 Kate Spade frame (to name a few unnecessary items). So you see, it all worked out magnificently.

Thanks for reading along! More to come soon.



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