Dear Hurricane Irma, thanks for dropping by.


Dear hurricane Irma,

Thank for dropping by. You’ve made a mess of the place I was born into (Cuba) and you could’ve destroyed my home state of Florida. But you didn’t.

So I thank you. I thank you for giving me 72 hours of uninterrupted time with close friends and my husband. Thank you for wiping out all those hideous trees in my neighborhoods that we secretly hoped our neighbors would cut down to avoid exactly what is happening to us now, no power for nearly four days.

Thank you for allowing me to realize that none of the material things I own matter when your life and your home are at stake. Because when the time came to pack up my valuables, all that I carried with me was my laptop filled with photographs, a precious photo album, my cell phones & my jewelry. I tried my best to wrap everything else and store it away safely, knowing if shit hits the fan, it would all get lost. But it didn’t and for that, I am grateful.

Thank you for reminding us that we are nothing when faced with the wrath of mother nature. We walk around each and every day feeling indestructible, when we should (instead) roam this earth with a grateful heart for all that we have. Thank you for giving me time. Time to sit outside and get to know my neighbors, time to play with my dog and chat with my husband without the phone ringing or e-mails coming through. Thank you for grounding me and allowing me to remember who I really am- the kind of person who helps a friend/stranger in a time of need. It’s amazing how so many of us on our block came together for each other. We provided electricity through our generator and they gave us a warm meal through their gas stove. We sat outside from dawn to dusk talking, laughing, grilling ribs, showing each other photos and telling stories. It was priceless.

Thank you for making me value my home even more so than I did before. Because the thought of it being wiped out by a storm surge brought tears to my eyes. My husband and I stood in front of our door and prayed before leaving our home, not knowing what we’d come back to. We prayed to you, Lord, that you keep our home and family safe. So thank you, Irma, for allowing us to grow closer to Jesus.

So yeah, you might have taken down some trees, a few fences and electricity from millions of homes, but you did not take our light; you couldn’t break our spirit.

Thank you for reminding us of how great we can be when we have each other. One hand helps another.



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