Dear 30, it's me…

Dear 30, It’s me, 29.

I have the feeling we are going to become real close, real soon. In four short months, to be precise. Anyway, there’s been a lot on my mind lately – some good and some not suitable for the faint hearted, but I wanted to tell you that you are no stranger to me. Not anymore.

As the days turn into nights and weeks turn into months, I slowly realize that soon I’ll be letting go of my twenties and everything they stand for. Every year has been a gift and a lesson and one that has molded me into the person I am today. And I have to tell you, I am damn proud of who I’ve become. I have worked hard to achieve my career goals, I have nourished friendships long (some for over twenty years), I have helped in my community when I can, loved another human being with every fiber of my being, been a role model to some and above all, a kind and caring person.

But not all that glitters is gold and like any other person, I have faults and slightly bad habits (like getting late to places and biting my nails all the time). But of course, these are things that I can change; things that I want to change.

Change. Such a simple word, yet so complicated. It is true what they say, “old habits die hard”. Sometimes, we want to make a change but we are afraid of the consequences that these changes can bring. How will my decision (now) alter the course of my destiny? Who will it affect?

Change, as simple as it may sound, is a very complex thing. Change requires us to alter our perception of reality, and in a nutshell, it requires for us to be different. Change changes you. And when something shifts in you, it modifies all of you and everything that surrounds you.

Change can be good… And it can also be bad. It can help you or it can break you. But nevertheless, change is what makes you. Through our mistakes and our decisions, we learn to grow, we learn to accept and to fight for what we want and believe in. Fight to make a difference, fight to stand out, fight to be heard and fight, like hell, to reach our full potential in life.

There is nothing more depressing than an empty shell; a soul with nothing to give at the end of their cycle. Because that is, essentially, what life is. It is a cycle – we live to die. But how you choose to live will determine the course of your future. And when your time comes and you ask yourself this one simple question: “Was it all worth living for?” I can only hope you know the answer and you are proud of the life you gave and the legacy you left behind.

So thirty, here’s to you! Here’s to being done with the bullshit and the pettiness and the friendships/people not worth fighting for. Here’s to those who stuck around and those who chose to stay behind. Here’s to winners and the losers (because in life, you are either one or the other). Here’s to my dog for binge watching Netflix shows with me and to my husband for not complaining about it. Here’s to my family and good friends, whom I love and respect so much. Here’s to JK Rowling for writing the Harry Potter book series and giving me every bit of reason to believe in the magic that lives within…

And finally, here’s to me. To the next ten years of my life. May you grow wiser, but not older (because there’s always hair dye for that). May you never need five iPhone alarms to wake you up (because Lord knows you snooze through each and every one of them). And may the lessons of your twenties pave the way for the beauty of your thirties.

Because life is too short for a mediocre ending.



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