Sip & Talk: The Simplified Planner is BACK!


Today, I hunted down the Fedex truck like it was nobody’s business. Finally, my Simplified Planner arrived and I could not be more excited to finally hold it in my hands. It took a little bit longer to arrive because I opted to monogram it with my initials, but let me tell you… it was absolutely worth the wait!

Along with the Pineapple (daily) planner, I also got my happy stripe pen & the gold pineapple pen cup. I’ve already received a ton of compliments and it hasn’t been sitting on my desk for longer than 30 minutes. Truly perfection!

For my weekly planner lovers, I am so sorry to say that they were all SOLD OUT on launch day, however, here’s the silver lining: they will be back in September for the yearly. Yay!

sp write

On another note, I’ve also become quite the paperclip connoisseur. Check out these fabulous gold paperclips in the shape of a pineapple and a coffee mug. I DIEEE!!

I am super impressed with all the designs this year and I simply cannot wait to start using my planner. It is such a beautiful representation of my own personality. Love it!

sp stickers

Have you gotten yours yet? Hurry! Only a limited amount left until September.

sp planner


Click here to check out their entire new collection!



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