Let's get PRETTY!


Photo Credit: @GarnierUSA

This new year, get up, get moving and GET GORGEOUS! If you’re like me, you leave work late, get home late, watch Netflix until VERY LATE and then go to sleep LATE. And the of course, you wake up late and you are rushing to get to work at a decent time.

In a very serious conversation with my husband this morning, he made a very valid point-is watching those TV shows (that I’ve already seen; yes I am re-watching Once Upon a Time, don’t judge me) really worth waking up late for and rushing through my morning, racing against the clock?

It’s time to make a healthy routine for myself, starting with going to bed at a normal time (before 11 pm) and waking up early so that I can spend some time with my husband and eat breakfast at home like a normal person, maybe even take some time to walk the dog, instead of just letting him out into the yard every morning.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve abandoned my beauty routine and now and then, a few pimples here and there remind me that I need to get back on track with myself. This Christmas, I received a special package from my favorite PR girls and in it, I found the Garnier Micellar Water (all-in-1 waterproof makeup remover & cleanser). This all-in-1 bi-phase, oil-free cleanser is surprisingly powerful, yet gentle to my skin. It works just like a magnet! The micellar technology captures and lifts away dirt, oil and even waterproof makeup without harsh rubbing, leaving my skin perfectly clean and refreshed without drying or irritating.

I’ve been cleansing my face each day after I get home from work with it and I feel the difference. My skin feels very soft, but most importantly, it feels refreshed at all times! Definitely my go-to cleanser after a long day of work!

Thanks Garnier!


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