We had the time of our lives!

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this one. So many emotions and so much excitement running through me— I can barely contain myself. WHAT A PERFORMANCE! We (my good friend Yaday & I) arrived at Broward Center for the Performing Arts around 7:45PM, which gave us enough time to grab a beer, pretzel and one coffee before taking our seats— which were (by the way) absolutely amazing!  By the time the first line was spoken, we were already laughing like giddy school girls, taking us back to that first time, decades ago, when we first watched the movie. It was magical.

By the end of ACT I, the young woman and her mother (sitting in front of us) were crying out of pure emotion, which nearly put tears in our eyes as well. The excitement was truly overwhelming‚ so much so that we just couldn’t wait until Intermission was over!

The cast was absolutely sensational and so very talented! They really picked winners for this one— everyone reminded me of the original cast from the movie. It was as if I was watching the movie come to life on stage. We laughed, we cried, we sang at the top of our lungs and we laughed some more. The performance was passionate, sexy, entertaining and absolutely unforgettable.

This is the kind of show I would gladly watch over and over again! So much fun! Be sure to catch this extraordinary musical, visiting us here in our beautiful city until Sunday, April 24th. Click here for ticket purchase & showtimes. 


Doug Carpenter gave one hell of a great performance as the role of “Billy”! My God, that man can sing. The heavens opened up when his angelical voice came out to shine. 


Jenny Winton reminding me of Lady Gaga at every moment— she played “Penny”!


Christopher Tierney as “Johnny” giving me all the feels along with Rachel Boone, who played the role of “Baby” like she was born to do so.


Johnny and Baby slaying the dance floor.




All stage photos are credited to: Matthew Murphy


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