Surfs Up!

Being a Florida girl for the larger part of my life, it’s natural for me to just have a long distance relationship with body suits and surfing. However, that does not stop me from being completely fascinated with all the different styles the major brands come out with each year—  and this Spring season is surely no exception.

As I prepare for my honeymoon in French Polynesia and for yet another (mental) trip to Hawaii, I started looking into them because I do want to take surf lessons and look totally cute in the pictures, of course. Rip Curl has won my heart with these gorgeous one piece wet suits! You can find these on Amazon, Nordstrom, Zappos, Swim Outlet and many other websites! If you look hard enough, you might even find them on sale!


Oh, and then there’s this colorful little number from ROXY. If I lived in California or Hawaii, I’d have a separate section in my closet just for these. How could anyone possibly choose “one”? They’re so expensive but so absolutely gorgeous! I can’t take it.

Quick Tip: If you search the hashtag #BombshellSeries on Instagram, you’ll see all the photos from the Roxy social media campaign for these designs. You’ll definitely get a ‘real’ feel for what they look like in action. #yourewelcome 😉





Photo Credit: (Feature Image: Roxy).


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