Liv Tells All: Ben has a type! Week 5.

So, I’ve been doing a little digging for the sake of my journalistic heart and I’ve found some juice on some of these characters. Okay, let’s start with Ben. So, it turns out Ben’s ex girlfriend, Shaelin Adams is practically Kaitlyn Bristowe’s long lost twin sister.

As it turns out, Ben has a type. Lucky for him, none of the girls on the show look anything like those two. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here, see for yourself.

See what I mean? Lots of resemblance— brunette, light eyes, petite. On last night’s episode of Bachelor Live, we saw that Ben admits to his parents that he’s in love with two women, which I am pretty sure are either Lauren B. and JoJo or Lauren B. and Caila. Fact, one of them has some brunette strands and the other is a blonde (I have dissected that preview like my life depends on it). So who will Ben choose & who will he let go of? Even though I think JoJo is the prettiest from the bunch, I’m pretty convinced he chooses Lauren B. He’s always had the best relationship with her since the very beginning. I mean, you’d have to be blind not to see it. He is totally different with her. He looks at her and kisses her with a different kind of tenderness. For sure, she wins Ben’s heart.

If you love JoJo as much as me, here’s a neat article about her super-achiever Doctor parents and her siblings. She’s actually from Iranian descent! That explains her exotic appeal and what makes her stand out from all the rest. She really is the most beautiful girl in that house. Maybe she lacks a little personality and that’s why Bushnell beat her to the punch, but I simply hope she becomes the next Bachelorette! #TeamJoJo forevaaa.


If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I absolutely called in like thirty minutes before it happened— Olivia gets the rose and Jubilee gets the boot. I knew this was going to happen. Do you think Olivia will have the rose taken away? I mean, I really think that would be unfair. She can be whatever the editors and producers make her to be during the show, but the truth is that she is there to win Ben’s heart, not to be a friend to those shady chicks, who— quite honestly— don’t carry themselves well when all they do is gossip about each other. I would have sent the little teenager twin home a long time ago. She’s got some serious growing up to do. And the mother of two, Amanda? She needs to go home and never leave her daughters alone for weeks at a time to be on a reality show. Really, what kind of example are you setting for your daughters? Go home lady. She looks like a sneaky snake anyway, I was never a fan of Amanda’s. Plus, the fact that she went on national television and basically belittled the father of her children takes her to the bottom of the totem pole in my book. You could have your opinions about your ex husband all you want, but don’t make a public mockery of your previous relationship when you know your daughters will be able to see this one day. Stop it.

Okay, I’m done ranting. Someone please remind me why Becca was brought back on the show? Sometimes I forget she’s there. Oh, and don’t get me started on Leah and Jennifer. The irrelevant’s just keep lingering around week after week. Has he even kissed Leah yet? Can we just take them to Bachelor in Paradise and call it a day? Thanks.

Final verdict: Lauren B. wins. (sadly).

The End.



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