It’s no secret that taking a stroll through the aisles of Barnes & Noble beats any walk on the park (or beach), at least for me. Of course, when I head to B&N, I always… View Post

The latest novel from the bestselling author of Dollface and What the Lady Wants takes us deep into the tumultuous world of 1950s Chicago where a female journalist struggles with the heavy price of ambition…

Centuries ago – as gifts for a queen – three guardians sent stars of fire, ice, and water into the sky.  But when the stars fell, the fate of worlds became tied to the person… View Post

So, I’ve been doing a little digging for the sake of my journalistic heart and I’ve found some juice on some of these characters. Okay, let’s start with Ben. So, it turns out Ben’s ex… View Post

On Friday, January 29th, my good friend Valentina and I decided to take a little roadtrip over to Universal Studios Orlando for Harry Potter Celebration.