The Bachelor Recap: Week 4


Jubilee & Ben’s first 1-on-1 date.

It was in the above moment that I truly believed Ben to be the greatest Bachelor in Bachelor (show) history. In addition to being eloquent, he’s kind, sensitive and perceptive. In all the years I’ve watched this show, I had never felt someone be more sincere and chivalrous in such a public and tough situation. Because yes, there’s a lot of glitz and glamour, but ultimately, there’s also a lot of pressure. You hold many hearts in your hands and you (Ben) have the power to lift them up or tear them down. Ben plays his cards so right and it just comes so naturally. His soul shines through and he is, without a reasonable doubt, a hopeless romantic. His body language with some of these girls says it all. I mean— you could tell who he’s totally giddy for.

With that being said, let’s go into next week’s predictions. I definitely think he’s keeping Jubilee around because he wants to be her friend more than anything. I really don’t see a ‘love’ connection there at all. Plus, he’s trying to ‘fix’ her and mend her broken heart filled with insecurities. He’s just such a nice guy!

We still have a few ‘irrelevant’ girls that to be honest— I don’t really remember their names. Give me a second, let me go look them on Lauren H, Leah, and Jen. Yeah‚ they could go and they won’t be missed. I know I’m not the only one thinking it. Some people just don’t stand out.

Definitely not irrelevant but certainly not a winner of Ben’s heart is Olivia Caridi— her time at the mansion is counted. As a matter of fact, I have a very strong feeling she will be eliminated very soon with one of the three irrelevant’s mentioned above. I mean, the only people that like her in that house are the producers. Let’s admit, she brings in ratings. I guess she never stopped working for television hehe.


Because I already know who is NOT going to win, let me just get into who I believe will make to the very end.

  1. JoJo — she’s got it all. The end.
  2. Lauren B. — he was kind of in love since she came out of that limo. Let’s be real.
  3. Caila — he’s super into her aggressive side. #kinkyben
  4. Becca — love her forever but… She’s just not making the cut with Ben. The farmer ruined it.

In that order, yes. I see hesitation from Ben’s side with Becca and the fact that she totally freaked out in that wedding dress when Ben was on one knee was a hit or miss. And she definitely missed. He even told her she looked uncomfortable. And she certainly did look it. Anyway, I don’t see her winning at all.


Okay, fine— I’ll just do my predictions for the next couple of weeks as to who will get eliminated. By the way, I have a few thoughts that I’d like to share with you. First of all, let’s all keep in mind that Ben is 26 years old. And while he’s young, he’s practically pushing thirty. However, I cannot say the same about most of these girls. I mean, they’re REALLY young. The twin was twenty one like five minutes ago. Does she even go to college? I am 28 now, engaged, and although the idea of marriage always fascinated me during my younger years and it’s something that I’ve always wanted, I can’t imagine being 22 or 23 and wanting to be married asap. That’s just not something that I can believe.


Girls left in the house after Episode 4:

  1. Olivia (23)
  2. Leah (25)
  3. Jennifer (25)
  4. Lauren B. (25)
  5. Lauren H. (25)
  6. Emily (22)
  7. Jubilee (24)
  8. Becca (26)
  9. Caila (24)
  10. Amanda (25)
  11. JoJo (24)


Girls in the hot seat for elimination — weeks 5 & 6:

  1. Olivia
  2. Jubilee (maybe she will leave all on her own)
  3. Leah
  4. Emily
  5. Amanda



  1. JoJo (24) —real estate developer
  2. Caila (24) — software sales rep
  3. Lauren B.(25)— flight attendant

Why am I including their age and employment title? Well, because that certainly is important. Let’s not forget how Whitney refused to leave her incredible job in Chris the farmer’s season. Plus, their age is pivotal. I mean, some are just ‘too’ young, which makes me believe they’re more fascinated with the idea of gaining Twitter followers rather than actually ‘finding love and getting married’.

As far as fantasy suite predictions go, let me just say that Lauren B is like pre-pubescent teen skinny sin culo and that’s just not hot. At least not when you have JoJo on the other end who carries herself like a woman and has a super well-proportioned bod. Caila is kind of an undercover crazy. I mean— did we all forget how she dumped her star-crossed lover boyfriend for this show? Yeah. Not a winner in my books. Then there’s also the fact that Joelle “JoJo” just got out of a 1 year relationship five months ago. She says one year, but for all we know, it could have been three or four. Anyway, don’t know how Ben really feels about that. I think that’s kind of a red flag. Sad to say, but it’s true. I would definitely be weary if I were Ben when learning about that. All her exes truly do live in TEXAS.

All in all, I think he will have the best time with JoJo in that suite. I really do think he has an animalistic attraction towards this inner tigress. Can we get any dirty laundry on Lauren B. ??? Seriously, we need some dirt on her so JoJo can rise above. Maybe she’s part of the mile-high club. Maybe. Just maybe. Can we run with that?


Until next week Bachelor Nation! See ya.



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