Sensual Surf-Tossed Waves

Just because you’re wearing three layers of clothing in the winter does not mean your hair can’t look (and feel) like summertime! Get the look with some of my favorite hair care tools from my favorite and most trusted brand— Hot Tools! Below are a series of photos that I’ve taken throughout the year using my favorite tools to attain the perfect ‘beachy’ look.

Last year and for the third consecutive year, I decided to donate ten inches of my hair to Pantene Pro-V’s “Beautiful Lengths” program for women and children with cancer. I have a love/hate relationship with my hair when I do this— only because I am deeply in love with my long hair. Having short hair means I can’t do my buns or long sleek ponytails or even wake up and not brush my hair if I don’t want to— because it looks wavy and fabulous just ‘as is’. Short hair means constant styling because with the awful humidity in Florida, I will look like a fluffy Pomeranian puppy if I don’t tame it properly. I must say that I had so much fun with my short hair this time around. Thanks to Hot Tools, I was able to do fun styles in less than ten minutes using different tools.

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I used the Bubble curling iron whenever I wanted to do a soft touch of waves— especially when working around my bangs and the layers in the front. I really like that it gives you a nice subtle touch, almost sun-kissed. It’s a good wand to use— not my ultimate favorite, but still one I use occasionally.

The EZ Styler is literally the easiest styling tool to use. I mean, the name says it all. I love styling my pony tails with it, just as much as I love doing a quick-do. It’s just the best thing ever. I take it with me whenever I travel because it takes me a few minutes to do my hair and it’s really light and easy to handle/carry. I love it!

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My all-time favorite curling wand, which I tend to reach for every other day is the Hot Tools Tapered Curling Iron— Grande. You can adjust the temperature to your liking and this baby will do all the work. It’s so easy to handle and you never have to worry about burning your fingers when using it (at least I personally do not feel the need to use the glove it comes with). My hair always looks absolutely stunning whenever I use it and I get constant compliments. It’s truly the perfect hair tool for any and every occasion! Whether you need to do a stylish pony tail or you simply want the perfect waves— this is most definitely your go-to item!


For a quick-fix, I absolutely recommend the 1-1/4 curling iron. It will give you thick, luscious curls and you’ll be done with your hair in no time! I simply run it over the top layers of my hair and mix it up with my normal, straight hair. The look is very pleasing and chic. I also like to curl just the tips of my hair with this, leaving the top naturally wavy. It’s a very pretty look once you’re all done!


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