STK Miami: A Culinary Experience

On Saturday, January 9th, my fiancée and I stepped out with a group of our best friends to celebrate our dear Sofia’s 25th birthday! Sofi works for Modern Luxury Magazine here in Miami and naturally, she wanted to dine at one of their client’s very own place— STK Miami!

Neither Joey or I had ever been there, although we’ve continuously heard raving reviews from fellow foodies around us. From the moment you step into the establishment, you are transported to another place. It’s most certainly not your ‘regular’ restaurant vibe. The upscale scene and live DJ playing some of the hottest and latest tunes is just the start of your evening. I especially enjoyed the fact that the music was loud enough to enjoy it, but low enough for you to be able to have a perfect conversation with the people in front of you. It was marvelous to not have to scream across the table (as was the case in another restaurant in the beach, Baolí).

sf-miami-beach-stk-042915-20150424.jpgWe met our friends out by the bar and shortly thereafter, we were seated. I ordered sangria (my favorite) and I must say, it was quite delicious! I liked it so much, I went for round 2. That, of course, is a tremendous deal— given that I rarely ever drink, much less finish one full glass of wine. For appetizers, we ordered the bread, tuna & steak tartare, burger sliders, and grilled octopus. We devoured everything— like piranhas. Let me begin to tell you that the bread was unlike anything I’ve ever had before… and don’t even get me started on that side (green) dip sauce it brought. Mouth-watering delicious.


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Let’s move on to my favorite dish of the night (yes, even more than the entree), the burger sliders. I am confident they were made with truffle oil and everyone knows that truffle (anything) rules my foodie heart. The burger juices would flow down my finger and I did something I’ve never done before at a restaurant— I actually licked it off as it was running down my finger (LOL). It was literally finger-lickin’ good!!! I laugh because I felt like a child, but it was so delicious, I could not help myself. The tuna and steak tartare was divine, but I could live without them since I’m not a super tartare fanatic like my friends. The grilled octopus was very good… and I don’t even like octopus.


Burger Sliders (front) | Steak Tartare (back)


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To be completely honest, I enjoyed my entree so much that I didn’t even think of snapping a picture once they brought them out. I was too busy savoring my dish and everyone else’s (because we have the habit of trying each other’s food). We ordered plenty of mac and cheese, truffle fries and mashed potatoes as a side-dish for our meals. The fries were of course, to no one’s surprise, my favorite! I personally had the 10 oz Sirloin (cooked Medium), which was absolutely incredible— even though I didn’t get to finish it. Next time, I’ll order something smaller (6 oz). I should have known that I will get partially full with all the appetizers.

The only thing I have to say I was not thrilled with was the dessert. Because it was Sofi’s birthday, they brought out an assorted platter with a few different options. I don’t think I liked any, to be completely honest. The presentation was exquisite, though. And while I (personally) was not a fan of the desserts, others at the table seemed to have enjoyed it a bit. Next time I go, I will certainly try out these fried churros—they look like something I would find absolutely tasty.


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Overall, we had a fantastic time. The food and the company was 5 stars exceptional! I look forward to my next visit and trying out some new dishes— and old ones too! I leave you here with a few more pictures of our night! Until then, arrivederci!


STK is located on: 2311 Collins Ave. Miami Beach
Dinner Reservations are advised.


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