The Bachelor: Season Premiere RECAP

It’s back!!! The Bachelor is back! This is probably my favorite from both Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. Watching these ridiculous women make a mockery of themselves on national television is probably the best thing about Monday nights. I was very surprised to see so many women from Florida this season! Quite frankly, it’s very exciting— usually California leads the polls, but I gotta say it’s neck and neck with my sunshine gals.

Anyway, I have so much to say about these hens. So, lets get started because there is much ground to cover with these crazies. Given that we have so many young girls this season, I feel the winner will be between 24-26 years old.

Let’s begin with the potentials. I mean, it’s not too hard to signal out who’s truly a potential, who is there because producers are making Ben keep them around and who might have a shot at the next three episodes and then CIAO!



I also think one of these girls will be the next BACHELORETTE.

person-person_01e2e2e1-b587-4922-8229-e5dfa78894ec_1960x782_source-1000x400-Q90_1450126709568.jpgJoello “JoJo” | 24 | Real Estate Developer | TX


Amanda | 25 | Esthetician | CA | mother of two

SIDE NOTE: Her voice is so high-pitched. I can only take so much of it!


Becca | 26 | Chiropractic Assistant | CA | my favorite


Olivia | 23 | News Anchor | TX

SIDE NOTE:  First thing’s first— she’s really young and while I don’t think she will win, I think she will make it far because she’s got wit and charm. I feel like she’s there mainly for publicity and not so much to “get married”. I mean, this girl dropped her entire journalism career for this. She gets famous no matter what. It’s a win-win for her regardless of the outcome (whether she wins or doesn’t). But, we cannot deny that the girl has some serious SPUNK!

Besides, her name is Olivia & she’s from Texas.



POTENTIALS: These girls will stick around for sure.


Caila | 24 | Software Sales Rep | OH


Jennifer | 25 | Small Business Owner | FL


Lauren B. | 25 | Flight Attendant | CA

You know, I’m torn with this one. I feel like she has what it takes to make it to the final 10, heck, maybe even final 3, but I don’t know. I feel like she will leave broken hearted. She travels for a living— I think Ben wants to settle down, essentially. Not have a traveling wife.


SWEET GIRLS WITH BROKEN HEARTS: These are just not cut-off for these shark-infested waters. The sharks being the women.

Becca being the Great White.


Leah | 25 | Event Planner | CO.

SIDE NOTE: I think she should lighten her eyebrows a bit. Or just go brunette altogether. #PickASide


Lauren “LB” | 23 | Fashion Buyer | OK


Amber | 30 | Bartender | IL

SIDE NOTE: Amber is still a bartender? And she’s thirty? Seriously. Why is she even here? She has a better chance of finding love at


NO CHANCE DANCE: Not for Ben. Sorry.


Jami | 23 | Bartender | Canada

SIDE NOTE: Another Canadian… And this one is friend’s with Kaitlyn. Oh boy! If Ben knows anything about Canadians is to run away as fast as he can. Let’s avoid history repeating itself.


Shushanna | 27 | Mathematician | UT

SIDE NOTE: She needs to start talking English and stop fooling around. #Dasvidaniya

person-person_ec77479e-b85b-4c47-9d5d-5d4eab54f1d1_1982x791_source-1000x400-Q90_1450126313620.jpgSamantha | 26 | Attorney | FL

SIDE NOTE: Why is her voice so raspy? Ben doesn’t want to wake up to that voice girl!!


Jubilee | 24 | War Veteran | FL

SIDE NOTE: She’s tough and spunky and what a bod!!! But— I feel like she can totally kill ben with a flick of a finger and that’s not sexy. She needs like a manlier “man”. Ben is too “pretty” for this Floridian!




Lace | 25 | Real Estate Agent | CO

SIDE NOTE: This chick is crazy and tragic and crazy. We all know that “one” girl in every season that is more than likely chosen by the producers and not the Bachelor. It’s very clear to us all who that is on this show. #fiftyshadesofCRAZYYYY


Mandi | 28 | Dentist | OR

SIDE NOTE: Did anyone notice her face while she was waiting to be called for a rose? She looked like she was decaying. Another one of my “producer’s choice award”. LOL! Another cooky one for the books. She’s most certainly the new Ashley— without the onions.


Haley | 22 | Twin | NV


Emily | 22 | Twin | NV

SIDE NOTE: The twins are VERY young. Neither one will win and both will be jealous of one another trying to compete for the heart of one man. This is a recipe for a total disaster. #doubletrouble


Lauren R. | 26 | Math Teacher | TX

SIDE NOTE: Okay, I know she got voted off but I just needed to write something about this little human right here. Is it me or did she look like she was on some heavy drug medications? Her response level was soooo slow and she was just not present. Not for a moment. I felt like she would speak in slow motion, not to mention the fact that she introduced herself a serial stalker and didn’t even state her name. Not once.

This math teacher just DOESN’T ADD UP!


IRRELEVANT: I literally forgot they existed.


Rachel | 23 | Unemployed | AR

Dear Rachel— You should be looking for a new eyebrow lady, not love. #justsaying


Jackie | 23 | Gerontologist | CA

Who is she again?


Lauren H. | 25 | Kindergarten Teacher | MI

I don’t know whose nose I like less— hers or Olivia’s? Anyway, SO MANY TEACHERS this season!!! Let’s hope they don’t do anything shameful that will come back to bite them during PTA meetings.



Ben Higgins | THE BACHELOR 2015

So there you go— my list of the girls I think have a shot (and don’t stand a chance). What are your most (and least) favorites? Leave a comment below! Let’s talk BACHELOR! Until next Monday…



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