TO READ: Put a ring on it.

Put a Ring On It is a delicious novel by Beth Kendrick, author of New Uses for Old Boyfriends. Here we meet Brighton Smith, a reluctant heartbreak tourist, who changes everything with a drunken night that turns into what she calls a “screw up summer” and a new chance at love.

The author, Beth Kendrick, really knows just how to put the right thoughts into words. Her writing style will certainly allow you to be completely consumed by the story and its characters. Let me tell you, I stayed up way too late to read “just another page” that turned into three-quarters of the book, in the middle of the night on a work day! UGH! In all honesty, it’s been quite some time since I read a book like this – light, airy, fast paced, romantic.
This particular novel is set in a fictional scenic beach town in Delaware called Black Dog Bay, which is actually the third book in the Black Dog Bay series, however, it was my first, but that did not stop me from reading anyway. The great part of it all is that these books are actually all stand-alone novels, so you can read each one, in any order, or only one, and not miss out on a fabulous story.

Put a Ring On It brings to life an extraordinary character, Brighton Smith, who unlike her artsty mother who couldn’t be her polar opposite, is an insurance actuary working in the corporate world because she has, after all, a “ten year plan”. The book begins by giving us a full run-down of Brighton’s personal life. She’s engaged to a guy who can’t seem to pass the attorney bar exam despite several attempts. They have a falling out while driving in the car and in the silence afterwards, Brighton decides to head out to Black Dog Bay to visit an old friend and catch up. During the visit, she comes across a stunning young (and single) man named Jake. Soon after, Brighton receives a call from her ex-fiancee letting her know that he got married (yes, this happened). Of course, Brighton completely spiraled out of control and handled the situation —as any woman probably would— by drinking to the point of no return and flirting with the town’s very own McDreamy, Jake. Before you know it, an not-so-innocent night of drinking & being ‘care-free’ turns into a trip to Vegas where both Brighton & Jack exchange vows, all the while she’s trying to get back at her ex and trying to catch his attention through her photographs.

A quick and entertaining read, for sure. The story is quirky and funny and will definitely have you laughing out loud from time to time. I absolutely recommend it!



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