Let's Get Cozy!

What’s the biggest difference between 28 year old me and the early twenties me? Clothes. Bras. Panties. Makeup. When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I lived by MAC makeup— I’m talking about dark smokey eyes and lots of foundation. Not that I ever needed so much makeup because I always had a pretty face (not bragging, just being real), but I just loved to put on makeup like I was going to prom every day. Today, for the most part, my mornings consist of moisturizer, under-eye cream and mascara. When I get dolled up, I like using my Makeup Forever HD Foundation or my Bobbi Brown BB Cream (which gives sufficient cover, surprisingly) along with my Nars Bronzer, some mascara, and create a soft brown smokey using my Urban Decay Naked Palette. I wore the most uncomfortable push up bras from Victoria’s Secret (God I hate those now) and I wore thongs. I HATE thongs. They ride up my butt and it’s just so terribly uncomfortable. As far as clothes go— I looked like I was sponsored by Abercrombie and Hollister ALL the time. Boy, are those days long gone. The “me” today can’t wait to take that bra off the second I get home from work and I love the 7 for $25 VS panty specials— of which I only buy the cheeky boy-shorts. Those are undoubtedly my absolute favorite (Joey’s too).

As far as bras go, I stay as far away from those ridiculously uncomfortable super padded and underwired lace bras. They hurt and mark my body and I just cannot spend 8 hour work days wearing anything that ridiculous. Luckily for us all, VS has come out with a significant amount of bras that are still sexy, but comfortable at the same token. Yes, times have definitely shifted and bra technology is happening people!

I’ve also noticed a very big change in me— I love those lacy bras that have zero padding. They’re the most comfortable, I find. Thanks to my good friend Vanessa Sauma who introduced me to Eberjey. Me, 8-10 years ago would have NEVER in a million years worn anything that is not the slightest bit covered in padding. However, I’ve learned to embrace myself— all of me. I can’t get enough of these super comfy lacy bralets! They’re so chic & sexy!

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.30.10 AM

Photo Credit: OHM BOUTIQUE

Now let’s get into style… I’m not saying I’m in terry joggers all day (or maybe I am), but nothing makes me happier than doing things around the house or running errands with a comfy outfit. Because looking tragic while being comfy is a thing of the past, my dear. It’s no secret that my favorite shop here in Miami is Ohm Boutique, owned by my good friend Vanessa Sauma. They have the most amazing styles and everything in that store is seriously PERFECT. You can’t just walk in and get one thing. So, this is me warning you— go prepared. Because you’re going to want to buy everything.

The shop associates ensure to keep their social media accounts active with daily posts of the latest styles, etc. I really enjoy following them on Instagram, since they are constantly posting really cool and trendy photos of certain styles paired up. So, grab a comfy outfit and pair it up with your favorite book and a glass of wine— it’s time to get cozy.

**Feature image credit: Ohm Boutique**


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