TWO WORDS: Lulu Lemon

I mean— let’s be real for a second. Half the times we need to really think about all the things we could buy with the same money we use to purchase one of these yoga pants. I don’t know about you, but there is a sense of guilt that rises deep beneath the very core of me, my subconscious, if you will— telling me it’s a terribly bad (and financially irresponsible) decision.


credit: Lulu Lemon

But who are we kidding? If a new pair of Lulu Lemon pants can’t get your rear to yoga class, then I don’t know what will.

My obsession with feathers began during Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone— yes, that scene where Hermione Granger (now-Weasley) manages to make the feather float before her eyes using that uncanny and rather unforgettable spell “Wingardium Leviosa”. You remember this, of course. Because if you don’t— then I feel bad for you. That can only mean one thing: you’ve never seen the movies, in which case, please drop what you’re doing and go watch it.

Anyway, you must be thinking what in Ed Sheeran’s name am I talking about? Well, I could have the imagination of a five year old or selective sight, but those pants (pictured above) look like they have feathers printed on them, right? If they are not feathers, they look pretty darn close to it. Either way, my point is— I think I need these yoga pants in my life. Are they not so gorgeous? Look at the color combination with the powder blue shirt. Imagine how it would look with a white shirt or a light grey— because grey has quickly become one of my favorite colors since 50 Shades was released. Let me tell you, that color is as sexy as black and I cannot deny that. It’s so fabulous that I even bought a silk long sleeve pajama from Victoria’s Secret in the same shade. Want to see it? Click here and it will direct you to VS wonderland— where you will see the pajama yourself in the shade “Night Shimmer”. Let me tell you, it is deliciously soft— like butter. And my god, does silk make you feel insanely sexy. Yes, even when it’s a long sleeve/pants pajama. I’m sorry— but I can’t sleep in babydoll dresses. I don’t like being cold at night or when I wake up at the crack of dawn. And I am sure most of my 25+ year old gals can agree to this. Times have changed people!! As a matter of fact, I am wearing a large baseball t-shirt with my sweat pants. And everything is GREY. This color is life.

Going back to the yoga pants— in case you are interested in snagging a pair, follow the link here.

Until then, STAY GORGEOUS! xox


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