The NEW Pottermore


As if Pottermore couldn’t get any better… it just did! Author J.K. Rowling has just announced the re-launch of the thrilling (and magical) website which attracted millions of fans of the beloved Harry Potter stories. made its grand debut this morning as the newly imagined website was revealed to the world, self-proclaiming itself as the ‘digital heart of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World”. The excitement is quite overwhelming— for the first thing you notice when you visit the site are the bright red and orange colors of the Phoenix’s feathers. They really did have me at ‘hello’. The website features a major redesign packed with exclusive writing, features, and news. Plus, get this— the logo itself was done in J.K. Rowling’s very own handwriting! How amazing is that? My favorite part of all this is that Rowling herself continues to be the heart and soul behind it all— her presence and ideas are the very core of the site and it allows us (as fans of the series) to feel closer to her and the characters. Characters, which most of us grew up with and have long since loved and admired for decades.

Today, a new article in the website revealed the history of the wizarding Potter family —dating all the way back to their beginnings in the twelfth century. The article gives you an insight to some really cool ‘Potter facts’ which tie in greatly with the story we know. It really does give us an in-depth look at the Potter family and how they quadrupled their fortune and it even tells us how the Invisibility Cloak became a family heirloom. Not only will you get to read further into their family history, but you’ll still have the opportunity to do all the other fun things we know and loved from the ‘old’ website. Things like getting sorted into a house and picking your wand will still be very much present in the new site. Now, you will even get to know what your Patronus is! I always said it would be a wolf— I’m excited to know what Rowling’s quiz will be like and which one would truly be mine.

For more exciting new features, be sure to explore the NEW & once again, get wrapped up in the magic and enchantment that is Harry Potter.


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