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There is something so absolutely magnificent about knowing exactly what it is you are putting on your face when it comes to skincare. With The Body Bee, there is surely no doubt. The core of this very brand are its natural ingredients collected from the very hands of local farmers in Florida and throughout the U.S. The simplicity of its ingredients are almost liberating. To know that you understand everything on the label is such an enormous relief. How many times have you looked at the ingredients portion of your favorite body lotion or face product and you won’t even try to decipher what all those weird words even mean. Chemicals, that’s what it means. And we continue to subject our skin to these harmful substances that can take effect over time in a less than negative light.

The Body Bee products are cruelty-free.

The Body Bee products are cruelty-free.

With The Body Bee, there is no worrying about any of that. Everything is honey-based and handmade using all-natural ingredients like Raw Cacao, Raw Shea Butter, Raw Cocoa and other vegan-friendly essentials which allow this to quickly become one of your favorite and most trusted skincare brands. Everything is made using zero preservatives, so of course, it has a shorter expiration date. But it is only a small price to pay given that you are guaranteed your skin to look and feel the healthiest its ever been! I don’t know about you, but there’s no price to that in my book!

From mud masks, lip butters, body butters, and even lotion sticks— The Body Bee has a variety of skincare essentials that make a great addition to any daily beauty routine. For more information on these incredibly wonderful products, please visit



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