PSL is back!

It’s supposed to reach a hot, humid and steamy 85 degrees today in South Florida, which means the weather all but begs for an iced tall glass of tea or water. But never mind all that: I am sitting here at my local Starbucks, sipping on one particular beverage which happens to be a hallmark of the fall season.


Yes, it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte time again. But this year, the Starbucks signature drink has been given a deliciously REAL upgrade—the recipe has now been tweaked so that the drink is made with REAL pumpkin. Oh yes, you heard correctly! I’m sure you’re wondering what the NEW PSL tastes like if the other wasn’t made with real pumpkin… Well, it tastes EXACTLY the same. Except it’s made with better ingredients. Pumpkin or pumpkin-free, doesn’t matter— this best-selling seasonal drink is one great way to kick-off the holiday season! Enjoy!


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