The Magic: by Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne has a fascinating way of putting life into a more ‘positive’ perspective. In this book, much like The Secret, she teaches you how to truly appreciate what you have and how to attract the things you want— simply by asking the universe for it. Much to my surprise, it works.

unnamed-1It has worked for me and my mother. Is the book truly ‘magical’? Perhaps not. But the book is very diverse and it will most certainly open your mind up much more than you’d think. You become a happier, more positive and driven individual. Through the book, you will gain perspective and truly focus on the goal in mind. Whether the goal is to become more financially stable, more confident, or take the next step in your profession— it is a great guide to get you on the right path and maintain your focus.

My mother has read the book front to back, highlighted it and filled it with tabs. She loved it so much, she bought me my own copy and I have to say— it is truly sensational. I most certainly recommend it.


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