Fifty Shades of Grey: by E. L. James

This month, I have decided to revisit a few old friends from Seattle— Grey and Steele. It’s been a few years since I read the trilogy and so, in light of the upcoming new movie that is to be released on February 2018, I thought it would be nice to re-read all three books and freshen up my memory.


Having read this book before, I have to say, the second time is always better— like most things in life. Being someone that tends to read books more than once (when they’re very enjoyable), I find that every time I revisit the story, it’s like the first time, except better!

I’m not even going to sit here and give you a ‘review’ because I am quite sure you are all familiar with it. Obviously, the movie is much more tasteful, as it omits certain scenes from the book which can be quite cringe-worthy… Let’s not forget the tampon moment in the books. Gross.

I will say this— most people can be very close-minded about the books and criticize simply because of ‘what they’ve heard about it’. The book is NOT about a man who beats/abuses a woman. It is about a deep and profound love about a man who has a very jaded past and meets someone who changes it all for him. It’s very Beauty and the Beast— XXX rated. Personally, I like it. I’m not into the whole S&M thing but it’s not like she (Anastasia Steele) didn’t enjoy nights in the Red Room. So, for those people who sit there and say “I’ll never read a story about a guy who beats a woman”— either pick up the book and realize it’s not what you thought or go back to knitting your cat a sweater.




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