The Bachelorette: The Final 3


It’s Monday!!!!! And you know what that means— Bachelorette Night. It’s no secret that I have a hate/love relationship with this season. It’s pretty awful and cringe-worthy, but as per usual, I can’t stay away from it. I’m pretty convinced whoever Kaitlyn chooses (if she chooses anyone), it won’t last too long. This girl is at her prime and she has not one drop of ‘Wife’ written anywhere in her face. This is her ticket to fame and she is riding it long and hard. Who cares if she ‘breaks’ a few hearts along the way. In the end, all those guys will have a chance at Bachelor in Paradise or even to become the next Bachelor. I’m kind of secretly hoping Shawn leaves— we all know this Gosling will be sure to become the next Bachelor should he choose to opt out of this season. If he wins, then for sure one of the two Ben’s will take the Bachelor crown. I think everyone loved Ben Z. and Ben H.

Shawn, Ben Z & whatever.

Shawn, Ben Z & whatever.

I have to tell you— Shawn kind of disappointed there at the end. What a little girl! He needs to stop the drama.

NOTE TO SHAWN: You are not Noah and this isn’t The Notebook. Enough. You know what you signed up for so suck it up and get over your feelings. The show is not going to be cut short because Kaitlyn decided to tell you that ‘you’re the one’ early on when the cameras were off. Again, this show isn’t and was NEVER about you. Hence, “The Bachelorette”. It’s a full season with a committed amount of episodes and we all want to watch it until the very end. STFU before you end up in a deserted island with nothing but your tears to accompany you.

Anyway, moving on… Here’s my take on Kait’s TOP 3 Men: (in order)

1. Shawn B.

2. Nick (yuck)

3. Ben H.

Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins for The Bachelor!!

I feel that Kaitlyn is very pissed off at Shawn and I’m not sure how or if she will endure what is happening right now, but ultimately, I do feel like she will choose him. Nick is Nick and history seems to be repeating itself all over again. I don’t think any of these girls take him seriously. He must be a great passionate kisser and what not— but that’s about it. I don’t think any of them really see a future with him. As far as Ben goes, he’s a sweetie pie but we all know that Kaitlyn le da tres vueltas y se queda corta. He’s just not cut out. He can totally be the next Bachelor, though! He’s one of the good guys and I do feel like if they choose him, he will actually go on to get married with the woman he chooses. It will be a Bachelor success story! And they should bring Andi back. I think those two would look great together. What a plot twist!

Oh, wait… Shawn B. has a golden retriever. That’s it. I’m #TeamShawn all the way. Sorry guys. He has a golden. That’s all it takes in my book.


Shawn Booth & his golden retriever

Who do YOU think will be the last men standing? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Write to me in the comments below! Until then! Ciao lovelies.


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