Let's talk WEDDING!


So as most of you may know, Joey & I got engaged in Hawaii this past April. Of course, after seven years together, we are over the moon with excitement to finally plan the wedding we have long dreamed of.

Lucky for the groom and to my parents’ surprise, I am far from the ‘splurger‘ bride. We’ve been so good about staying on track with budget and have been so fortunate to have come across amazingly talented individuals who have worked together with us when it came to adjusting prices based on our budget limit. Honestly, I feel so lucky! A wedding is a dream we all have since we are very young. A wedding can also cost you a lot of money if you book and reserve without caution.

Joey & I are covering most of the expenses, so it’s important for us to look at all the details from every angle and figure out what’s the best value we can get for the price we have in mind. At times we are able to stretch out the budget, sometimes we simply cannot. For some, it’s easy to overspend, especially when the parents are paying for everything— but at the same token, those same individuals tend to lose grip on the wedding itself. At which point, everyone who is paying has a ‘say’ in most things because they are after all, paying for YOUR wedding. In which case, I’m glad we have the upper hand and are making all of the decisions ourselves. We get to choose it all — from the vendors we want, to each & every detail in between without having to worry about a second or third opinion.

Up to this point, Joey and I have called all the shots for the wedding. The church, the venue, the food, the photographer, videographer, flowers, etc. We’ve met and spoken to each person and have come to pricing agreements in which both parties are satisfied. It’s been a fabulous experience thus far!

Through the past few months and long before we even got engaged, I had a list of vendors in mind. People whose work I’ve followed on social media and even some of which I’ve seen in person at other weddings (friends of ours have hired them as well). I know so many of you have been asking me to blog about all of the wedding details and I really want to this more often. I want to talk about the good experiences and the not-so-great ones too.

Follow my blog posts from now until next Fall, as we embark on a very special journey— one which, hopefully, you too can experience (if you’re still unmarried). I can’t wait to share tips with you and (maybe) facilitate your search and eliminate any kind of stress that planning a wedding can bring!

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