Let's talk Wedding: Photography!

Credit: Darling Julia + Jillian Tree Photography

Credit: Darling Julia + Jillian Tree Photography

It’s no secret that your wedding memories lie in the hands of one person: the photographer. They are there to capture every moment of your day— the tears, the laughs, the I Do’s, the first kiss, the exact moment your future husband sees you walking down the aisle, and every detail in between. The photographers are there to capture it all— the moments you remember and the ones you might not have seen (like your flower girl’s expression or the look on your mom’s face walking down the aisle moments before you walk in). These are timeless and precious memories that can only be captured on video or photography, and they are the ones you cherish your entire life. It’s the moments you leave behind for generations after you. Photos that transcend time and place— and become memories passed down to future generations. Photos are the most valuable thing we have. They represent exquisite moments in our life, whether big or small… And memories are priceless.

I did my fair amount of research when it came to finding our photographer. I searched the internet, asked friends, looked at dozens of portfolios until finally, narrowed it down to a handful of them.

Credit: Adagion Studio

Credit: Adagion Studio

I will list the photographers below so that you can look into them yourself. They are all very wonderful. Joey & I chose Jillian of Jillian Tree Photography. She collaborated with Julia Cox from ‘Darling Juliet Photography’ during our friend’s wedding back in December (Roly & Milena). Together, they made magic. Julia is actually moving away to Tennessee next year and will no longer be available here in Miami. So for all of you Nashville brides— be sure to contact her!



Finally, we signed the contract with Jillian this morning. We really do love her style. She’s got a way of photographing little details that is simply breathtaking— and I love that. Her online portfolio was extraordinary and her prices are very reasonable. She really does work with you in terms of budget and I always admire that. We are very excited to have her take part in our wedding!

As promised, here is my final list of suggested photographers. All were very sweet & some were even willing to work around their price packages too. Check them out:

For more information on Jillian Tree Photography,visit her personal links below. Tell her Olivia recommended you & she’ll take great care of you!

Click here to visit her website.

Facebook page.

Instagram page.

Take a sneek peek at some of the photos from Roly & Milena’s Wedding featured on Wedding Chicks blog. Here, you will get a first look at her photography style.


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  1. June 14, 2015 / 5:34 pm

    Thank you so much for the generous shoutout and for sharing your insightful perspective on the importance of photo and video.

    What I’d still add—and what I did not fin in your article—is that your choice of photographer is about much more than capturing memories for generations to come. Yes, the actual physical act of documenting your wedding day, including the many little details which collectively reflect on your style and energy, is important, but only the beginning.

    Your Wedding photographer, for better or worse, wields a significant influence over the flow and fun factor of your Big Day, and by extension on how you and your families will remember one of the most special days in your life. Think about it: your experience will be shaped by 1) how your 5 senses are stimulated in concert; and 2) how reality meets expectations. You [and your photographer] have control over both.

    The resourceful wedding photographer who cares will be able to ignite the fun factor on your Bid Day without making it about herself or being obtrusive in any way. She will also be best positioned to inspire your timeline, and be a calming presence when you need it most on a busy wedding day.

    So when you look for your photographers, here are some helpful tips from the perspective of a photographer:
    1) take a look at the work on the photographers site AND how the work is presented; if the artist does not care enough to present the content with love and care, it may send a signal as to the effort she will put into editing your photos or creating a gorgeous album design; 2) reach out to 3-5 photographers whose work you like and ask them for their availability, pricing, and to send you more detailed galleries (I would say at least 100-300 photos of a single event should give you a good idea of the artist’s consistency; note it is very easy for a photographer to post a “best of” gallery … especially if she’s been doing weddings for a while); 3) schedule a phone, Skype, or even pesonal meeting with your artist (after all, your photographer will spend more time with you on your wedding day than any other person, including your maid of honor, mother, or planner); 4) all else equal, go for the artist whose energy resonates with you and seems most eager to be part of your festivities. P.S. do not forget about the hidden costs related to prints, albums, and other printing solutions.

    For more information, simply drop us a line at: http://www.adagion.com

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