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Flowers are probably one of the most single, important things in a wedding. They are a part of every picture and can truly make or break the look and feel of a reception. Flowers are extraordinary and absolutely necessary! Can it cost you more than your dress & all six of your bridesmaids put together?? Absolutely! Does that make you want to cry or cringe? Maybe.

Here’s my take on flowers— find your style and stick to it. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of lavish/tall arrangements which make it impossible to view the person in front of you— much less anything going on across the dance floor. In which case, you’re probably moving your chair or tilting your head around the arrangement to try and communicate effectively with the person in front of you. But hey! To each their own. Then you have all these arrangements that will run you up a couple of hundred dollars (each) made with basic flowers and inexpensive glass vases that end up in your grandmother’s living room at the end of the night.

Let’s backtrack… The venue plays a very important role in the kind of arrangements you can play around with. Our venue was fantastic when it came to having everything our style. It has an old Florida feel with rustic elements to it. A little bit Key West, a little bit country. It was perfect. The feel of the place allowed us to create a floral display using low arrangements, vintage brass lanterns, moss, succulents and other flowers that will make the room come alive. We wanted romance and simplicity— a whimsical display of blush tone florals with greenery. We wanted candlelight to evoke warmth and intimacy.

And since our wedding is in Autumn, it’s the perfect season to play around with the berries and peach colored flowers. It will truly be beautiful.

When it came to flowers, it was clear from the very beginning who I wanted to bring along to our team: Julia Rohde of Julia Rohde Designs. Her keen eye to detail and perfectionist touch made her my favorite from the very beginning. She “got” me! Julia understood what I needed and made it happen! Her style is exactly what I always envisioned for our wedding. There was never a second option. She was it.

I recommend Julia with my eyes closed. Meeting her was such a treat! My Maid of Honor, Diana & I met with her early in the evening after work at a nearby Starbucks. She was such a doll and was able to capture my idea and put it all on paper. We spoke for a while and by the time we were done, it felt as if we were old friends. I really can’t wait to see what everything will look like on the day of our wedding. I know with her ideas and mine, it will truly be magical!

Here are a few examples of her work.

Credit: Julia Rohdes Designs

Credit: Julia Rohde Designs


Credit: Julia Rohde Designs

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