Summer Essentials

Yes, we are obsessed with all things The Body Bee! But seriously, can you blame us? The Body Bee specializes in making fabulous skincare products using only all-natural ingredients.

Whether you’re in the market for an invigorating fresh face mask, a hydrating lip balm or a super nourishing tanning oil spray— they’ve got you covered! Being the super chocolate fanatic that I am, I always tend to lean more towards the Cacao-based products like their: CHOCOLAT face mask, BEE KISSED lip butter (which BY THE WAY tastes just like chocolate orange truffle), the “Choco-Latte” lip scrub, Coffee is My New Cosmo body scrub, and of course, Bee Sunkissed & Bronzed in Maui. Those are 100% my holy grail go-to products on a weekly basis from the brand. I absolutely LOVE AND SWEAR by them! Not only is everything plant-based and made with 100% natural ingredients, but the scent of these products are unbelievably delicious. I mean, I have to remind myself not to lick the face mask right off of my face. Yeah, it’s that good! Be sure to check out their entire line of products at They are also on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!


THE TRIO! Bee Sunkissed tanning oil spray, Bee Kissed lip balm and Bronzed in Maui lotion/bronzer stick.

Screen shot 2015-04-17 at 4.39.25 PM

Bee Sunkissed — tanning oil spray

Turks close up

Turks + Caicos body scrub

Honey Masquerade

Honey Masquerade Fresh Face Mask

wooden spoons 2


“Bee Kissed” — chocolate orange truffle lip butter

Coffee is My New Cosmo — coffee scrub by The Body Bee


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