WICKED: Back by 'POPULAR' demand!

Wicked Munchkinland Tour Wicked Munchkinland Tour

I can’t even manage to pull a full sentence together about my feelings towards this show. All I can think of is WOW! I was completely blown away by the performers, the live orchestra, the stage props and design and everything in between. The experience was surreal and magical. The acting was superb— this show is definitely at the top of my list (right under The Phantom of the Opera).


Alyssa Fox. Image provided by alyssa.blogbost.com

On another note, the sixteen year old in me (I am almost 28 now) jumped up when I realized that Ashley Parker Angel played one of the leading roles. Yes, Ashlee Simpson’s ex boyfriend and YES, “that guy” from O-Town… Apparently, he does Broadway shows now, and man does he do a good job at it! Of course, how can I not mention the dynamic duo that play the roles of Elphaba and Glenda (“the GA is silent”)— Alyssa Fox and Carrie St. Louis. Those girls have an amazing set of pipes!!! Now why can’t I have that musical gene in me? Waaa. I blame my parents for not ever putting me in vocal lessons. All in all, the show was spectacular, sensational, breathtaking and WICKEDLY HILARIOUS! A must-see!

Tickets are selling out FAST, so be sure to grab yours while you can. For details, visit arshtcenter.org.


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