Bachelor business: Liv tells ALL.


Dear Chris Soules,

You’re not that country. At least not on reality television. You’re more Luke Bryan than Tim McGraw. And that’s not a good thing. But you’re one of the ‘good guys’, so I’m a fan. Let’s talk about the girls.

I’m happy the producers decided to [finally] let go of the last two crazies from the bunch. Because we all know the only reason they were still around was for drama and ratings. What’s a reality show without some cray women involved? We already lost nut-job Ashley S. earlier on in the game, couldn’t let go of these two very “entertaining” gals. It’s all in the past now, so let’s move on…  

Here’s my weekly forecast for #‎TheBachelor:
1. Britt hates Iowa because it’s not LA. End of story.
2. Britt leaves the show & becomes next season’s BACHELORETTE. Duh.
3. Whitney & Becca are the final two.
4. Whitney wins because (1) she’s older and (2) she’s not a virgin.

This concludes my speculations. Don’t forget to tune in this Sunday and Monday for a two-day #Bachelor extravaganza. This week, the girls get a first-hand look at what their life would look like. And what exactly does that look like? Acres and Acres of land. Ahh, agriculture… This will send Britt Britt running for the hills. Literally. (#ByeByeIowaSeeYouNever)

Can’t wait to see all the city girls freak out— because really, the only two ladies willing to sit around and sip sweet tea while Prince Farming works the land are Becca and Whitney. Let’s add a big Kentucky-derby hat for Whit. She’s definitely one of those… in a yellow sundress.


Oh, P.S.

Here’s a shot of porno star Jade & Chris. I see nipple. #justsaying


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