A Dirty Way of Getting Clean


To tell you that I am #obsessed with this product, is probably selling it short. But let me rewind and start from the very beginning. A few weeks ago, I was over my best friend’s house (@iamdianamarti) and while she was blowdrying her hair, we started talking about #thefrankeffect. She had me at ‘coffee’. A few days later I was ordering the product online and nearly bought two, but I composed myself.

After much anticipation, “Frank” finally arrived at my home yesterday. He smelled delicious— of almond oil and coffee bean. We got naked and I rubbed him all over my body. Our time together was short, maybe about 5 minutes, but once we were through, my skin felt nourished, pure and as soft as a baby’s butt. All my girlfriends hyped him up so much, it almost felt like I was going to be disappointed. But I wasn’t. Frank owned up to his name.

Yes, we were messy… And yes, Frank left his mark everywhere. Bathtub, shower curtain, towel… even on my bathroom door (only because I had to snap a candid photo of us together). Still, I didn’t care. I want more.

So tonight, when I go home, I’m going to do it all over again. Because I simply cannot get enough.

Thank you @frank_bod for making my skin feel so absolutely delicious. At this point, who needs body lotion anyway? unnamed-1



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