Get SUMMER Ready!


Photo Credit: David Yurman

It’s that time of the year… The time where we (at least here in Miami) start shedding the pounds gained over the holiday season… And if you are anything like me, you certainly had too much lechón and yuca during and after Noche Buena. Because, let’s face it, nothing tastes as good as Cuban left overs.

Get ‘summer’ ready by exercising daily— even a thirty minute walk before or after work will help you! Eat lean and keep hydrated (with water, not champagne) throughout the day. Of course, when I mean lean, I am not saying you can’t occasionally indulge in a delicious Chocolate Molten from Chili’s, but I’m just saying, when you go to Panera Bread, order the salad with apple instead of the pasta special with broccoli cheddar soup and bread (that goes for me too).

Get into a routine. Find what works for you. Some of us enjoy waking up at 5am to do cross fit (I slightly cringe just writing that), and others, like myself, hate working out but enjoy a nice walk after work with their dog around the neighborhood— at least 30-45 minutes, just to get some cardio going. Increase the time of your exercise on a weekly basis and incorporate different work outs… You know your body best and what you are able to handle.

All in all, you’ve got a couple of months to get ready, so start early! Because when cruise season rolls around, you want to be in tip top shape for that itty bitty bikini we all know you have in your drawer but are not ‘ready’ to wear just yet. It’s okay. This year, the tags are coming off! GET IT GIRL!


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