Discover an exclusive hideaway where natural beauty & luxury come to life in the heart of Napa Valley


Tucked in a private canyon in the upper Napa Valley, enclosed by 157 acres of pure greenery and relaxation, lies a place where beauty and nature come together in the most sensual way… An exclusive hideaway that will kick your senses into gear and make you become one with the world around you. Surrounded by ancient oaks and majestic hills, Calistoga Ranch is a one-of-a-kind resort, designed with serenity in mind and meant to give you the ultimate relaxation experience with its variety of remarkable amenities that will absolutely take your breath away. This luxury resort is composed of 48 free standing guest lodges, complete with rich polished cedar decks and its own privately secluded garden shower, perfect for you to enjoy a bath under the moonlit sky overlooking a starry night.

During the day, enjoy unforgettable activities such as a one-of-a-kind hot air balloon ride as you rise above wine vineyards spread across the valley… And as you float down into reality, you still have time to take a moment and sip on the unique wines presented to you directly from these exclusive and decadent vineyards. Whether you want to take a stroll into town or simply emerge yourself into the pristine place that is Calistoga Ranch, you will find yourself feeling as if you were the only one there. Ready for the full relaxation treatment? Enter upon a journey into your quiescent mind as you explore The Bathhouse— a rejuvenating natural Napa spa sanctuary nestled away in a wooden canyon, centered in the heart of the valley. Discover soothing soaking pools that overlook a tranquil creek, surrounded by vast moss-laden oaks. Each treatment room features outdoor garden showers and private soaking tubs, so you can really breathe in the natural world around you that is the valley.

And as you work up an appetite, celebrate the rich culture of food and wine that Napa Valley is famous for! The Lakehouse awaits you with fine, festive food in a beautifully romantic setting, ideal for a culinary feast or a casual affair. Each dish is a pure reflection of organic and local produce, complemented by a unique wine list that will entice your taste buds like never before. But the magnificently refreshing food and the region’s renowned wines are just the beginning of this heart-stirring, spine-tingling experience. As you dine in delight, you will also have the chance to gaze upon the fascinating outdoors just beyond the glass walls, offering pastoral views of the grand oak groves, which can be seen all around their open decks overlooking Lake Lommel. Needless to say, it is truly an exquisite experience as you (literally) dine under the stars.





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