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I am all over the turban accessory trend that was so endearing during the 40’s and 70’s. This Arabian-Nights look is a beautiful twist that is sweeping the streets, the runways and a variety of editorials across the nation. I am loving the turban because it adds a touch of quirky-ness to your outfit. You can wear this fun and trendy accessory during the day or at night. Yes, you can dress it down with a white tee and your favorite pair of jeans or you can dress it up with your loveliest dress. 

Celebrities in Hollywood are getting the look and stepping out with all kinds of different colored turbans in their head! The way you want to wear is strictly up to you; as you can play around with it in many ways!  Some of the hottest celebrities in Tinseltown rocking this cool new trend are: Sarah Jessica Parker (scene in Sex & The City 2), Ashley Olsen, Nichole Richie, Jennifer Lopez and many more! The accessory was introduced during the Spring and is surely sweeping the country with it’s effortless look. 

Let me let you in on a little secret, though. There is actually a difference between a turban & a turband. The turban trend consists of the same look, but the top layer of your hair is covered. On the contrary, the turband is exactly what it sounds like, a band which runs against your hairline & forehead.  I found a really neat video on Youtube which helps you re-create the look with a simple silk scarf. Simply click here and it will direct you to it! Personally, I am not a huge fan of using the scarf just because it gets wrinkled up and you probably have to be fixing it constantly. I enjoy the band because it is simple and fabulous!

I found my Turband Queen, Maria Lesteiro, owner of Wired For Love, which features the hottest & trendiest accessories for an incredible price! Her turbands are not the only thing turning heads; she also makes bracelets, rings, necklaces, and much more! Looking for super cute Buddha-beaded bracelets? She’s got it!! Want to check it out? Simply click on the underlined links to direct you straight to the source! I promise you will love it all! Can’t wait to get my hands on the Blue Missoni & the pink, orange & white Tye Dye turband. This stunning hair piece makes a bold, yet delicate statement and I am all over it.

The great thing about this accessory is that you can get funky with it. Whether you are in a playful mood for exciting and vibrant colors, such as Astrid’s picture to the right. Or if you are digging the Earth Tones and plum colors such as my picture below. There is no wrong way of wearing it as the look fits the very best of your outfits! Own your turban! Give that fabulous head of yours the personality it deserves!

As usual, you know I love to link an interesting article to most of my blogs. This one, in particular, is an article from the New York Times discussing the Turban Trend and how it’s never really gone out of style. I enjoyed reading this article and I am more than positive you will too! So tell me…What is your favorite thing about this trend and how would YOU wear your trendy turban/turband? I’d love to know! I have also linked our Twitter Accounts and other websites throughout this blog for your leisure. Have fun with it! As always, toodles & talk to you soon! 

“The turban has never really vanished, but it has been lying low. Recently, though, this dormant trend has quietly, but assertively, surfaced at fashion shows and on city streets”  





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