Exclusive Interview with Miami Stylist, Vanessa Sauma, of OHM Boutique

Maybe it’s in the name, or perhaps it was the quiet and serene breeze of a lovely Tuesday afternoon in Miami, as I entered the boutique. Whatever it was, it made me feel at home. As I entered the store, I heard a warm and friendly, “Hello, how are you today?” coming from the far-end of the store. The owner, Vanessa Sauma, approached me and kindly offered her help. Not even ten minutes had past and we were already chatting up a storm!

It’s great to know there are still young-entrepreneurs out there who genuinely care for their customers and try to build relationships with them. I think that shows a lot of character and I truly admire that quality from individuals. After much talking, I finally got to trying on several pieces I had picked out from the racks. I wanted them all, but of course, I went with what I loved the most.

Vanessa caters to all kinds of people with all sorts of different styles. Her relaxed and classy apparel will make you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin. In other news, brace yourselves, boys! She and her brother, George Sauma (co-owner of OHM) also offer fabulous clothing apparel for men! Not only do they offer a variety of styles for both men and women, but they also carry all sorts of beautiful and intricate accessories such as bracelets, hair pieces, necklaces, handbags, etc.

So what’s the story? Vanessa, 24, is one of 5 siblings. Her and her brother, George (29 years young), decided to open up OHM Boutique on September 1, 2010; on the day of his birthday. It was the best decision they have made up-to-date. “Why OHM?”, I asked. Her response to me was, “it signifies peace, tranquility, spiritual inner-feeling. Our store is the perfect balance between men and women.” This answer makes perfect sense to me as I can agree on the peace and tranquility part one hundred percent. I asked her about what’s trending now, the kind of clothing she offers to women and what sells the most. With a sweet and sincere smile she said, “What we sell at OHM is very wearable. We wanted clothing with class that shows “more you” than the piece itself. Our style accentuates a woman’s figure in the most flattering way. It is sexiness without just being out there”.My second visit to the boutique was a little bit different. Although we made several attempts to conduct a brief interview for my blog, we failed to finish it due to a high volume of costumers trickling in and out of the store at all times. However, we were able to cover the basics and I got a little insight to the history of this unique and fabulous clothing boutique [a.k.a] – My sanctuary of peaceful, un-interrupted and highly-necessary retail therapy.

She mentioned that depending on the season, different things sell out most. Turbands were a hot item during the summer, just as well as bikinis. Now, for the Fall, it is all about the sequins and fringe! A very popular color that is sweeping all areas of the fashion industry is the rusty-red color; may it be in pants, tops or panties! That color is hot and it’s in! But what about Vanessa? “What is your style”, I asked… “I am laid back with a femine touch. I don’t do bows, I don’t do flowers. I view my style to be more racy and trendy. Oh, and I love boots!” -says Ms. Sauma as she takes a sip of her drink.

After a few champagne toasts, several outfits to try on, one fabulous Turband by Gold Saturn (for which if I may add, Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian own the same one) and the initial item I had long awaited for, a nude-colored top that melts in your body like silk, it was time for me to depart. Of course, this is no good-bye, this is a simple “see you soon”.

I encourage you all to visit this store, located at the heart of Sunset Drive, across from Boca Tanning. Happy Shopping!


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