Boyfriend Blazers, Combat Boots, & Buddha Bracelets

ImageWhether you like to dress it up or dress it down, the boyfriend blazer is just the right thing to keepin your closet for this Fall season. Perfect for an afternoon stroll to your nearest coffee shop or a glamorous night with the girls! This gorgeous article of clothing is not only turning pages in Style Magazine, but also turning heads across the nation!

I am loving this fun and easy look because it goes with anything! Every worn outfit looks new with a boyfriend blazer over it. Who will ever guess you’ve worn that dress before, right? Style it up with knee-high boots or your favorite pair of stiletto’s.

Another way to complement this look is to dress up your feet with combat boots. At first, they might come off as Tom boy-ish and rough…But isn’t it so sexy for a beautiful, feminine woman to show the “edgier” side of herself? I would think so. So ladies, put on your sexiest skinny jeans, a white tee, long necklace, your fanciest purse and complete the look with these rough-around-the-edges shoes! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Of course, my darling gals, there is no need to wait until the Fall or Winter to wear these boots.

I know it can get really hot outside, so my best advice to you all is to find a light, comfortable shirt, perhaps those cute ones that are somewhat cut-off and slightly reveal the lower abdomen. Put on a cute pair of jean shorts (those that give off the impression that they were cut with a pair of scissors and the pockets are coming out through the bottom) and finally, grab a thick, black, leather bracelet that screams “I AM FIERCE” at first glance… And there you go! You’ve got a great, kick-ass ensemble. The rest, is just details: Light makeup, hair up in a ponytail or iron it flat down with your braided bangs (bobby) pinned up to the sides, red/nude lipstick (whichever you feel like wearing), and stud earrings.

And last, but most certainly not least…I have been obsessing over these buddha beaded bracelets lately. We all know I am a fan of arm candy so needless to say, I am always searching for something new to dress up my wrist with. My personal favorites are the medium-sized turquoise beads with a red buddha and the brown beads with the turquoise buddha. Of course, there are tons of colors and sizes to choose from and sometimes, it can get a little bit (too) pricey, which is why I have been so hesitant on buying these. I love them, though! I think my top three buddha colors would be mustard yellow, red and turquoise! I am definitely a fan of how these bracelets look with a nice, big watch and several other stringed bracelets (e.g. Shashi Bracelets) or smaller-beaded bracelets. As always, thank you all for dropping by and I’ll see you next time!


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