Start Your Day with Korres

ImageBecause we are young, fabulous, and we don’t want to look like a dried up raisin by the sweet age of forty, it is only naturally that we begin to take care of our complexion by nourishing our skin. Recently, I had the grand opportunity of trying out two products from Korres. I have always been a fan of the brand because their products are very natural and made to nurture your skin with their fabulous ingredients. I had not, however, tried the Greek Yoghurt Sleeping Facial or the Wild Rose Moisturizer and sweet Lord, am I delighted to have tried it! From the minute I apply the Wild Rose moisturizer/brightening cream, I can see the difference. Instantly, my face is given a subtle ‘glow’ and it almost looks as if I had very minimal makeup on…

KorresThe sleeping facial helps a lot because you apply it to a clean face and you allow your skin to breathe since (I hope) you don’t wear makeup to go to sleep… So the product is left on its own to do all its glorious work. By the time you wake up after a good night’s rest, you will notice an enormous difference in your skin complexion— softer skin, minimized pores… I mean, I can’t even begin to tell you what I witnessed after a week of using it, this product is almost like a miracle cream! Absolutely sensational and I do recommend it, especially for the price of it. So ladies (and gentlemen), you are never too ‘young’ to start taking care of your face. Once you reach the golden age of twenty and you are way past your pubescent years, it is time you start taking care of your body in every way… Begin a skincare regimen that will have the ‘you’ in forty years thanking the ‘you’ now for being preventative! So you see, friends, the secret is simple; moisturize by day to keep your face hydrated and then apply the sleeping facial at night before bed.


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