A Sexy Proposal


In the spirit of a new season, I propose to you, modern gentleman, to start dressing the part this Fall/Winter season. Leave those bright colored polos and bermuda shorts behind… It’s time to dress your closet (and yourself) in true ‘CEO’ fashion.

A wise person once said to me, “in order to be a part of the game, you have to dress like the game. You will never be seen as anything more if you dress in jeans and a t-shirt to work every day. Dress the part. Dream big. Think big. When you look at top notch CEO’s of a company, they are normally suited up. You will never be taken seriously otherwise.” As much as we might all dislike wearing formal attire on a daily basis, there is much truth in those words. In today’s society, whether we want to accept it or not, it does matter what you wear and what you drive. And experience alone will not get you high up in the corporate ladder. Think of the saying “It’s all about first impressions”. Every day is your chance to impress someone for the first time. So grab your Ferragamo loafers and that sleek Canali tie, you, my friend, are going places!


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